Motorpsycho can be quite a conundrum. There seems to be quite the distance between the garagey, stoney retro-tinged rock they played on their first few releases, to the elegantly reconfigured prog-revival that has been prevalent on their later albums.

Add into the mix oddballs like their 1994 album Tussler, a pretend-soundtrack for an equally pretend-film – and to boot a peculiar (but also great) country-laced album that must have taken their fans by a huge surprise.

Motorpsycho – Spin, Spin, Spin

The first single from the album Here Be Monsters (2016) Directed by: Dave Raphael – @daveraphael Tidal – iTunes / Apple Music – Spotify – Preorder Here Be Monsters at Rune Grammofon – Preorder Here Be Monsters at Stickman Records –

Spin, Spin, Spin – Official video

All through though, they have shown a remarkable talent for creating great songs. Like for instance Kurt Cobain, they have quite the knack for writing great pop-songs – and also like Cobain they alter between using the song simply as a great pop-song, or (equally succesful) burrying it in layers of noise, guitar-fuzz, psychedelia or proggy structures.

No matter how much they sprint around doing loads of different, interesting stuff, though, there’s always a sense of this core of something inbetween Yes/Beach Boys/Dinosaur Jr./Sonic Youth that they keep returning to – a kind of home base for venturing out into unknown space.

Not many bands are as consistently innovative as Motorpsycho, how do you stop yourselves from repetition?

BS: Ah, but do we? Sadly, as a songwriter you sooner or later finish developing your musical understanding. You find your preferred resolutions and harmonic intervals and what-have-yous, and then you either keep writing the same thing until everybody is as bored with your songs as you are, or you try with all your might to get out of those patterns. This is what a lot of the work is all about. We sometimes feel like hamsters on a wheel, covering the same musical ground we did 20 or more years ago, but we’ve gotten better at shooting down routine material or stuff we feel like we’ve done better in the past.”

Bent Sæther in an interview with The Quietus, May 2014

Whether the audience will be sufficiently tethered during their performance on April 20 at the 013, is another question though. Test for yourself, when Motorpsycho delivers their set as part of Jacob Bannon’s curation.

Motorpsycho & Ståle Storløkken – Orgelfest Stavanger Feb. 23 – 2013

Motorpsycho & Ståle Storløkken playing at the new Stavanger Concert hall

Liveset, Collaboration with Ståle Storløkken, Orgelfest Stavanger, February 2013



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