Pioneers of industialized (and as such metalized) electronic music Godflesh will perform their 1994 album Selfless in its entirety this year, in a way following up on their 2011 and 2013-appearances, playing Streetcleaner, respectively Pure.

Justin Broadrick and G.C. Green of GODFLESH interview Moscow, Russia, 2013 conducted this interview with Justin Broadrick and G.C. Green of GODFLESH before the band’s gig in Moscow, Russia August, 24th, 2013. Маленькие помощники Драг.Металлов пообщались с Джастином Бродриком и Джи.Си Грином из GODFLESH перед их концертом в Москва Hall 24 августа 2013 года. Благодарим за помощь в организации съёмок Arcto Promo.

Interview with Drugmetal, Moscow, 2013

Moving on from their early days of creating harsh, dark sounds in the vein of bands like Paradise Lost and Killing Joke, they soon found a platform of incessantly rolling, churning repetitive riffs creating a relentlessness, a sense of inevitable extinction.

A feeling that definitely manifests itself throughout Selfless, which remains a ruthless auditory onslaught to this day.

Godflesh – Crush My Soul [Official Video]

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Crush My Soul – Official video

In my view, the album is ”centered” around last track Go Spread Your Wings (which is not to be found on any of the vinyl releases of the album – which is in a sense a pity, since it stands so central as a final swansong for the album) – part experimenting drone, part relentless apocalyptic post-punk, with its sense of final downfall – the lyrics line “I’ll never escape” delivered with a finality that’s downright excruciating.

So, if you dare, allow yourself to be sucked into the selfless portrayal of Godflesh when they play the 013 on April 20 as part of Jacob Bannon’s curation. Beware, though. You might never escape.

Godflesh – Warsaw 2015 You can reach us at Godflesh playing live at Warsaw at the Polish National Home in Brooklyn, New York City on September 15, 2015.

Liveset, Warsaw, New York City, September 2015

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