It is of course hard to say in advance anything pertinent about that immensely exciting and satisfying idea Roadburn have introduced for this year’s festival: commissioned pieces of music (which I wrote a bit about, trying to put the presence of these into some form of context, here) – but not only that, after having had that idea, they have approached not only 2 bands, but in the essence two local scenes and asked them to do their worst.

Probably (because I don’t know, I haven’t asked – had I been a journalist I would’ve, but somehow it seems more real for being simply speculative) arising from the strongness of the Ulfsmessa-performances, the idea of asking genre-bending and genre-expansive artists to work together is both amazingly unique and amazingly and completely in-character for Roadburn.

Now, I usually have something relevant (at least to me it is ;-) ) to say in these presentations, but given the context, let’s just do a cut-and-paste from Roadburn‘s own presentation here (and please scroll down after those to see videos, links and discographies from each individual band – believe me, they’re worth your attention… big time!

The first piece will be performed by the Waste Of Space Orchestra, combining the talents of the 2 linchpins or hubs of the thriving and wildly amazing Tampere scene – the scene where psyche and metal (of the blacker kind) comes together in a way not really seen quite like that anywhere else – Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu.

The performance will include ten musicians onstage plus an original video accompaniment, designed to tell a parallel story with the music. The ten-part, one hour piece is a dive into the consciousnesses of three beings – all of whom are on a search for deeper truths in comprehending reality.

The Shaman (Vesa Ajomo) is seeing oppressing visions from the bleak future of mankind.

The Seeker (Juho Vanhanen) is searching for the truth from unknown dimensions with secret methods.

The Possessor (Marko Neuman) is corrupting these individuals, manipulating them into his own sinister plan.

During a ceremony they manage to open a portal that will suck them into a different reality of brain-mutilating colour storms and ego-diminishing audio violence. The trio are forced to find their way towards equilibrium and in the process join their minds into one collective consciousness.

The Waste of Space Orchestra performance will open the main stage on the first day of Roadburn 2018 – Thursday, April 19.

The second commissioned piece is called Vanagandr (which apart from being an Icelandic label/distro also refers to/is a different name for Fenris, the great wolf of Norse mythology) Sól án Varma (Sun Without Heat). This piece will be performed by members of 4 great bands from the thriving Icelandic black metal scene: Misþyrming, Naðra, Svartidauði, and Wormlust.

The title of the piece these six musicians will perform is Sól án varma, which roughly translates to “sun without radiance”. The opus will encompass a slow primal roar – a process which cannot be stopped once started, and that only continues to grow, reinventing itself in its complexity.

Chaos. Dissolution. Confusion.

The specially commissioned Sól án Varma performance will open the main stage on the final day of Roadburn on Sunday, 22 April. Brace yourselves, it’s not going to be an easy ride.

Oranssi Pazuzu

ORANSSI PAZUZU live at Roadburn 2016

Contact: Pit Full of Shit

Liveset from Roadburn, 2016

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Muukalainen PuuhuuAlbum (2009)spotifyBandCamp
Candy Cane / Oranssi PazuzuAlbum Split w. Candy Cane (2010)spotify
KosmonumentAlbum (2011)spotify
ValonieluAlbum (2013)spotifyBandCamp
VärähelijäAlbum (2015)spotifyBandCamp
Kevät / VärimyrskiEP (2017)spotifyBandCamp

Dark Buddha Rising

Dark Buddha Rising (08) Dark Bombastic Evening 4

17-18 August 2012. Alba Iulia Fortress. Transylvania. Romania

Liveset from Dark Bombastic Evening, 2012

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IAlbum (2007)Youtube
Ritual IXAlbum (2008)Youtube
DakhmandalAlbum (2013)spotifyBandCamp
InversumAlbum (2015)spotifyBandCamp


MISÞYRMING live at Roadburn 2016

Contact: Pit Full of Shit

Liveclip – Roadburn 2016

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Söngvar Elds Og ÓreiðuAlbum (2015)spotifyBandCamp
Sinmara / MisþyrmingEP Split w. Sinmara (2017)spotifyBandCamp


NAÐRA live at Roadburn 2016 (FULL SET)

Contact: Pit Full of Shit

Liveset, Roadburn 2016

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EiturEP (2014)BandCamp
Allir Vegir Til GlötunarAlbum (2016)BandCamp
FormSingle (2016)BandCamp


Svartidauði – Live @ Dillon 05.11.15

Svartidauði – Live @ Dillon / Reykjavik – Iceland Airwaves 2015 – OFF-VENUE 0:00 – Perpetual Nothing 10:00 – (New Song) 18:00 – Venus Illegitima 25:30 – Flesh Cathedral –

Liveset, Dillon, Reykjavik, November 2015

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EiturEP (2014)BandCamp
Allir Vegir Til GlötunarAlbum (2016)BandCamp
FormSingle (2016)BandCamp


Wormlust ‘Sex augu, tólf stjörnur’ live at Inferno 2016

John Dee, Inferno Metal Festival 25/3/2016 Only 2nd ever live show (first was Oration Festival, Reykjavik in Feb 2016) Live band: H.V. Lyngdal, Bjarni Einarsson, Örlygur Sigurðarson, Sindri Stefánsson

Liveclip, Inferno Metal Festival, March 2016

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Oblivio AppositusAlbum Split w. Haud Mundus (2009)Youtube
SvartholEP (2010)BandCamp
The Feral WisdomAlbum (2013)BandCamp