Iceland’s new young hope, Une Misère could be described as having one foot in black metal and one foot in the harder parts of post metal, while having a heart that is beating true hardcore punk-metal.

And it would be correct and still miss the point by far.

“As you said Une Misère is a collective which basically translates to we’re 6 people in the band that actually play the music. We play, we write the music, we create the music. But in every other aspect we are an open collective, as in if we need help we will always ask for it and we always get it. We’re never going to be stranded on the things we can’t do as a band. So if we can’t do anything or one specific thing, we have help in every corner. Une Misère is not closed off by the 6 members that be on stage.”

From an interview with Echoes And Dust, March 2018

In fact – and simply judging from the 23 minutes of material the band have released so far, what I hear is somehow that very same aggression that made me fall in love with metal around 35 years ago. That same agression and lack of care for what the rest of society thinks, that rescued so many of us kids over the years and made us believe there was a place for us no matter what our surroundings thought.

Une Misère – Wounds

Une Misère – Wounds Directed by Gunnar KLAKI jones AD: Berglaug Petra Garðarsdóttir AC: Óttar Ingi Þorbergsson Makeup: Nenita Margrét Antonio Aguilar Actors: Unnur Snorradóttir / Jón Már Ásbjörnsson Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Leifur Örn Kaldal – Lightweight Recordings Special thanks to everyone involved in the making of this video.

Wounds – Official video

All those precious feelings are what I hear flowing out of Une Misére‘s straightforward yet complex tracks – in the process revitalizing hardcore at a time where it’s perhaps largely gone stale. Daring to also experiment, they seem like the product of a small but extremely healthy scene, ripe with cross-polination and the courage to be unique.

You are strongly adviced to catch one of their sets on Roadburn 2018, April 19 in the Cul de Sac, and April 20 at the 013.

Une Misère – Overlooked / Disregarded Live at Wacken Open Air 2017

Une Misère – Overlooked / Disregarded Live at Wacken Open Air 2017. All music and video rights belong to Une Misère and Wacken Open Air. This material is protected by copyright law and you may not sell, alter or further reproduce or distribute any part of this material.

Overlooked / Disregarded, live from Wacken, 2017


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