Thom Wasluck of Planning For Burial is apparantly intent on going it alone in everything he does with the project, including playing live.

Planning For Burial is the kind of dreamy, floating postrock/doomgaze that can really send your mind and thoughts on long journeys.

Planning For Burial – Somewhere in The Evening

Artist: Planning For Burial Track: Somewhere in The Evening Release: Below the House Label: The Flenser

Somewhere In The Evening – Official audio

There is this dichotomy or struggle between the doomish side of the project and the lighter (weight-wise, not content-wise) more dreamy, fragmented side. And yet both sides do complement each other and create a whole that gently sucks you in – and when the music’s over, you kind of wake up in a stupor and wonder where you’ve been and for how long. And why the world is still in such a sorry state.

There is a kind of completeness to his releases – as the one you get after putting down a good novel. The story has been told in its entireness, as the author wanted it told. And this is where your mind and imagination takes over and adds your own spin. In this sense, the output of Planning For Burial is quite literary.

“I like to pay different variations of the same chord on top of one another. And that comes out in the looping and listening, doing demos, and listening, and revising, and listening again. When I was young I’d have to do all this on a four track, but now I have a lot more flexibility with loopers. But I might have a song mostly done and play it one way for eight months and keep listening to demos of it before deciding it needs something here or there. Some songs I listen to for a year before I think they are done. It takes a lot of time for me go through that process. For instance, Below the House came out in March this year. I started recording it in March 2015. I was finished with it in June of 2016. I didn’t even give it to the label until mid-September 2016 because I spent three months with it in my car listening to it making sure I liked it enough to do a final master on it.”

From an interview with Echoes And Dust, April 2017

Take a track like Dull Knife (from his latest album Below The House). In Pt I, you can literally feel the dull knife cutting your body while Pt. II let’s you feel the numb calm afterwards – for all my carrying on about emotional impact from music (and let’s face it – it’s more or less the only thing that really does it for me nowadays), it’s very, very rare to encounter an artist that is capable of carrying that emotion through to the listener in such a profound and, well, almost crucifying way

Hold on to your hearts, because they might break once Planning For Burial takes to the stage at Roadburn 2018 on Friday 20 April.

Planning For Burial live at Northern Isolation Fest on August 18, 2017

A Samuel Claeys Film We are looking for new shooters in NYC, LA, Paris, London, Berlin, Tokyo and elsewhere. For details contact Planning For Burial playing live in Duluth, MN at Northern Isolation Fest on August 18, 2017.

Liveset from Northern Isolation Fest, August 2017


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