Sólveig Matthildur Kristjánsdóttir
Margrét Rósa Dóru- Harrysdóttir
Laufey Soffía

It’s good to be reminded, that when it comes to music, Iceland really is more than black metal.

And Kælan Mikla are definitely different, both with regards to most of the other Icelandic music I frequent, but also from a lot of other acts in the current synth-revival.

With the soft, flowing yet still suspensefilled synth-scapes, the vibrant drum-patterns, and the part whisper, part painful half-spoken crooning, part shout-screaming, everything about Kælan Mikla seems focused on portraying a deeply poetical view of their world and their surroundings.

Kælan Mikla – Glimmer & aska

Glimmer og aska: Kælan Mikla: Laufey Soffía Margrét Rósa Sólveig Matthildur Video: Director/Camera/Editing: Sólveig Matthildur Music: Recorded and mixed by Alison MacNeil Glimmer og aska Glimmer og aska tóm bjórflaska, drottninga draumórar, dansandi taumlausar, grámyglaðir lokkar göttóttir sokkar þið eruð föst í svörtum hring spegilmynd og sjónhverfing baða mig í

Glimmer & Aska – Official video

The pain expressed by Kælan Mikla works in a more underhanded, retracted way than say, black metal, in that the band lets your own mind do much of the hurting, instead of delivering the blows themselves.

They are also the band that perhaps succeeds in getting me started learning Icelandic, as I desperately want to understand their lyrical content as it was meant to be understood.

Kælan Mikla will certainly entrance the aural adventurers in the hallowed halls of the 013 Venue when they take the stage on Thursday, April 19.

Kælan Mikla @ The Shacklewell Arms 03/10/17

Kælan Mikla https://www.facebook.com/Kaelanmikla The Shacklewell Arms – London Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Liveset from The Shacklewell Arms, London, October 2017

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