Tommy Alexandersson – Bass & Vocals
Alexander Moraitis – Guitars
Kasper Eriksson – Drums
Marcus Pettersson – Guitars
Nicklas Malmqvist – Keyboards

Swedish rockers Hällas are quite the find.

Playing a dreamy and (at least partially) escapist mix of bluesy spacerock and early 80’s british heavy metal – but without quite the prolonged lengthiness of space nor the fistiness of NWOBHM, everything oozes a lightness that seems particularly refreshing when compared to the serious attitude in much of contemporary retro-tinged music.


Autumn In Space is taken from Hällas same titled debut album. Spotify: Itunes: Facebook:

Autumn In Space – Official video

Don’t get me wrong, the atmosphere as such is not lighthearted, it’s more of a “not-so-reverent” approach to looking backwards, which makes Hällas seem a lot fresher and more relevant.

Yet still, you can’t (and your really shouldn’t) shake the reminders of Yes‘ eminent tempo-changes, or Uriah Heep‘s otherworldly tunes and soaring keyboards, or in glimpses the guitar-harmonies of Iron Maiden. Just listen to a track like Shadow Of The Templar (from debut album Excerpts From A Future Past, 2017) and tell me this is not something Yes would have been proud to include on one of their seminal 1970’s albums.

“I really like the sound and production from that era; all of us do and that’s why we try to capture that sense of the ‘70s soundscape. During that period, bands tried to experiment a lot with new sounds like synthesizers and sound effects in a progressive way and we really like to work like that, even if it already has been done. A lot of music from that time is very pure and not so overproduced like today and the way they wrote songs was brave and sometimes far from the common template of writing songs.”

Tommy Alexandersson in an interview with Decibel, February 2018

Listening to Hällas brings on a kind of soothing calm, a sense of belonging, something that seems to happen too seldom (at least to me), and as such is a genuine treasure.

Hällas will carry the heart and soul of the 70s into the present when they play on Thursday, April 19 at Het Patronaat at Roadburn 2018.

Shadow of the Templar. Hällas

Live in Linköping

Shadow of The Templar – Live


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