Big ‡ Brave are that perfect companion for one of those lost and lonely sunday afternoons, spent curled up, completely paralyzed over the rest of the world apparantly being intent on destroying everything around them.


BIG|BRAVE’s new album ARDOR out now from Southern Lord Records. Video by Mathieu Ball

Sound – Official video

Combining a plethora of diverse influences from doom over shoegaze to noise rock and the desolate feeling of desert rock into a pointed sense of desperate despair, Big ‡ Brave create music where notes are allowed to breathe and sadness is allowed to seep in through the cracks, lending everything an urgency that’s quite genuine and to my knowledge mostly unparallelled.

A track like is probably one of the songs I’ve heard that best expresses most accurately how I feel about the world – the depressed desparation, the urgency, the loathing (of what people do to each other and the world), and the desperate need to hope.

During your live shows, there’s never really a sense that all three of you are filling in one single position like a regular rock band does. Where did you pick that up?
Ball: Sometimes we’ll simply step back and Louis’s drum becomes the central element of a song. Sometimes Robin will just play one chord or one sound and we’ll expand on that. I think the question we ask ourselves is: what can we do with much less. We don’t really play chords, so we move and play with the feedback we create.
Robin Wattie: We play chords but there’s never any chord progression or patterns…We try to push ourselves and see what we can do. What kinds of sounds we can create, how we can structure a piece of music that does not fit the verse-chorus-verse pattern.”

From an interview with Noisey

The darkness and light coalesces, and makes Big ‡ Brave one of those truly great Roadburn finds – a band I did not know anything about beforehand, but which I have grown very fond of indeed.

Big ‡ Brave will both intrigue and fascinate when they step up on stage on Sunday, April 22 at the 013 venue.

Big Brave – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

http://KEXP.ORG presents Big Brave performing live at Breakglass Studios during POP Montreal 2017. Recorded September 15, 2017. Songs: Sound Lull Audio Engineer: James Benjamin Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Ian Cameron & Scott Holpainen Editor: Alaia D’Alessandro With support from FACTOR (

Live on KEXP



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