Now that we’re speaking of the generel sprawling eclecticness of modern day black metal (and here at this site we are – constantly :-) ), presenting Dawn Ray’d seems especially appropriate.

Scapegoat Interview – Dawn Ray’d

Scapegoat interviewing Dawn Ray’d before one of the Scottish shows on their UK tour. We talk influences, swimming and judging books by their covers Find more content at Dawn Ray’d Matthew B – Drums Fabian D – Guitars Simon B – Vocals, Violin Info Scapegoat Crew Interview and Editing – Bailey Audio – Calgacus inc Visuals – Cpt.

Interview by Scapegoat, January 2018

Most contemporary attempts to fuse folk and black metal in my eyes falters in the attempt by simply not being able to maintain neither the weight (heaviness) nor the aggression, alongside the relative musical lightness of the folk.

Dawn Ray’d proves that the merger is indeed still possible. And most probably this has to do with the very traditional take on the folk part (there are plenty of original instruments and soothing bells beneath and among the wildness).


ORDER HERE: Taken from their critically acclaimed album, THE UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY. New LP colors available now. Catch DAWN RAY’D at this year’s Roadburn Festival and on tour throughout Europe and the UK. Edited by Thomas Gill

Emptiness Beneath The Great Emptiness – Official video

But it has probably also a lot to do with heart. As effective they are in the fusion of old and new, as fiery their rebellion stands, as fiercely their fists are clenched. And as proudly does they fly the flag of rebellion.

When they pose, for instance this truly relevant question:

“When you use the word pragmatic
Who will be lumbered with the sacrifice?
Who are your unlucky few?”

And then at the end grants a rightful answer:

“A government won’t grant us all freedom,
The rich won’t give back the land!
The only true freedom is freedom for all,
Each life guided by its own hand.”

Lyrics from the track Black Cloth

It’s enough to warm the heart of at least this old anarchist.

It’s like a breath of fresh air in the generally disillussioned world of black metal. A breath of fresh air, and the promise of a very hot future for rulers and fascists alike.

Be prepared to raise your anti-fascist black (metal) flag when Dawn Ray’d go up on stage on Thursday, 19 April at Roadburn 2018.

Dawn Ray’d – Live at New Cross Inn (2018) Black Cloth & Fire Sermon

Dawn Ray’d – – South London Scum – – RIFF.Underground – –

Liveclip from New Cross In, London, 2018 (Songs Black Cloth & Fire Sermon)

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