Felix Skinner – vocals, production
Ignat Frege – vocals, production, drums

Imagine a trainwreck… or rather, imagine the sophistication of Iggy Pop of the 80’s combined with the raw power of Iggy Pop of the 60’s… or rather, imagine black metal fused with post punk fused with David Bowie fused with Corrections House

Wreck and Reference – Ascend

Artist: Wreck and Reference Track: Ascend Release: Indifferent Rivers Romance End Out on The Flenser July 22nd 2016 Pre-order: Direct: http://nowflensing.com Bandcamp: https://theflenser.bandcamp.com Amazon: http://amzn.to/29iaQgk iTunes: http://apple.co/1WL61jB The Flenser on Facebook: http://facebook.com/FlenserRecords The Flenser on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theflenser The Flenser on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theflenser/ The Flenser on Tumblr: http://theflenser.tumblr.com Wreck and Reference on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wreckandreference Wreck and Reference Twitter: https://twitter.com/WRCKRFRNC

Ascend – Official video

The impact of Wreck And Reference can be devastating. The existential angst and anger can be felt, can be seen dripping from the speakers. And whether they’re raging or they’re delivering more brooding, creeping material that has an almost drone-like quality, Wreck And Reference brings a weight that is almost inconceivable coming from a band where the only non-electronic instrument is drums.

Comparisons to Butthole Surfers keep creeping in, pulling my sleeve, not in a strict musical sense, but in their want and ability to take on a multitude of genres and influences, and completely destroy them in the process, leaving behind a trail of annihilation, and a musical output that is entirely their own doing.

And I do have to say, as much as I love Butthole Surfers, I don’t think they come even close to the impact and impression Wreck And Reference leaves.

“Pop is power. A skull-splinteringly-meaty-riff-laden-breakdown only terrifies the uninitiated. The same goes for any tabletop-feedback-bathing-contact-mic-humping-experimentally-oscillating-noise-droner. Noise/metal/harsh/extreme music can twist up a few neurons at first exposure, but then each repeat exposure only sets off a tiny circuit that I’m pretty sure resides on the other side of your brain from all your feelings. (Obviously, obviously, there are innumerable exceptions to this flagrant over-generalization). Any genuine anxiety or emotional heft these styles may trigger at first gets cut out of the circuit with efficiency as the brain copes with their purported extremity. Pop, however, has been with all of us since birth. Unless you were raised in a cage in some industrial warehouse orphanage, pop (as I define it) is the harmonies, structures, and chord changes that, whether we like it or not, are inextricably stuck to almost all of our memories and emotions. The ability to manipulate that, to reach inside another person and scratch at their foundations, that is a terror you can trigger again and again. It’s almost shocking how underutilized “pop” is in music that tries to be affecting.”

Felix Skinner in an interview with Tiny Mix Tapes, September 2014

And then… in 2016 they hit us with Indifference Rivers Romance End, an album that is contemplative, lingering, lurking, staying with me for some time after every listen… It’s almost unbearable in its own self-constraint.

Wreck And Reference will be making harsh music without guitars to everyone’s amazement at Roadburn 2018 in Het Patronaat on Thursday 19th.

Wreck And Reference – Live at Les Villa 21.07.2017

Wreck And Reference (USA) https://facebook.com/wreckandreference/ https://wreckandreference.bandcamp.com/ Live at Les Villa Club 21.07.2017, Saint-Petersburg, Russia http://metalafisha.ru http://vk.com/metalafisha http://vk.com/notrust

Liveset, Les Villa Club, St. Petersburg, July 2017


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