Some prefer their black metal relentless and aggressive, some prefer it with loads of atmosphere, some even psychedelic and profound – rejoice, for with The Ruins Of Beverast you get all this and more.

After Nagelfar disbanded in the early 2000’s, Alexander von Meilenwald created The Ruins Of Beverast as a solo-project and as a vessel for his future musical output.

Euphoria when the bombs fell – Ruins of Beverast

From: Unlock the Shrine Lyrics: Then all danced my heroine Unaesthetically To the war opera I was proud to start a killing spree With you We darkened the scenery All the grief All the tragedies of your horrible loss Have been chanelled Into an orgasmic carnage As all collapsed We died in murderous bliss.

Euphoria When The Bombs Fell

Which was the start of an impressive journey of a huge musical scope, ranging from cacophonic black metal, through soothing doom, past ritualistic steam-punkish dystopias towards a more and more experimenting and broadening musical vision.

In the musical vision of the world The Ruins Of Beverast presents, there might still be room for both passion and quiet – but it is with the added understanding that these are aberrations, and the world will crush you in the end. At the same time, it is majestic and cinematic in scope, this musical output – truly awe-inspiring.

“Meilenwald adds that his lyrics in general paint a picture of the Homo sapiens as a rather repulsive species – one plagued by ignorance, megalomania and short-sightedness.

– In this context, mankind is finally stripped of creation’s crown after being defeated by its genuine totem – torn apart by animal aggression and powers of wilderness. This is what the cover depicts, the ultimate symbol of occidental human drama; Jesus Christ nailed to a cross.

With some adjustments.

– Yes, decapitated and adorned with the head of our primary phobia, nature’s most artfully organised entity – the wolf. The crucified man-beast is a triumphant symbol of a cleansed and organic earth, the resurgence of pristine spirit.”

Interview by Bardo Methodology, May 2017

And on the 2017 album Exuvia Von Meilenwald has markedly upped the more avantgardic and atmospheric elements, creating what is in my view a dark, essential masterpiece. You might very well say, that with Exuvia he has shown himself to be perhaps the Mike Patton of the black metal world (and should you have any doubts – that was meant to be a compliment ;-) )

Which of course makes it all the more enjoyable that The Ruins Of Beverast will fill up the stage with black/doom, smoke and fear on Friday, 20 April at 013 venue, and play Exuvia in its entirety!

THE RUINS OF BEVERAST live at California Deathfest 2016

Contact: Pit Full of Shit

Liveset, California Deathfest 2016


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