Nick Cageao – bass
Ben Koller – drums
Steve Brodsky – vocals/guitar

MUTOID MAN – Interview in London (2015). The Breathless Sleep

Old Empire and The Breathless Sleep present an interview with Ben Koller and Steve Brodsky from Mutoid Man. Includes live footage from their concert at The Underworld (London, UK). —————————— Old Empire website: Facebook: Instagram: —————————— 2015 © The Breathless Sleep – Jörmungandr Media. Filming & Editing: Leo Aragon.

Interview by The Breathless Sleep, November 2015

Admitted – much of what can be experienced at Roadburn (apart from the atmosphere, the cameraderie, the surroundings, the experience of a town succumbing to the joyful horde of people enjoying heavy experimentation) could be put into the category of ”very serious stuff” in one way or another.

There are exceptions, of course, and this year a definite exception is Mutoid Man.

Probably, most people are exposed to Mutoid Man as some sort of supergroup-side-effect, being acquainted with one of the members’ regular bands – but I bet, a lot choose to stay both for the incredible music and the instantly-likeable “no-shit-yet-full-of-piss-taking” approach (yet still dealing in serious matters, of course).

Stephen Brodsky: Well, I think there’s sort of the personal side and the political side. It’s sexually perverted, probably more so than anything we have done so far. We had the title War Moans kicking around for a while, and with the way things are heading politically, everyone just seems hot for war. There’s this unsettling idea of things just being too peaceful. Thrash bands were singing about warheads in the ’80s, and things just haven’t changed. There’s this element of, ‘Well, we have to accept that there’s this faction of humanity that is obsessed with the game Risk, but in real life.’

Nicholas Cageao: The thing that I think is super relevant about the title: hormones are something that happen to your body, you know? Testosterone and estrogen—your body reacts to these things. Currently, the world is kind of a piece of shit full of reactions. You’ve got politicians saying, ‘Let’s bomb this place’ and ‘Let’s send a warship here.’

Brodsky: Yeah, I think there’s the two sides of it. There’s a lyric in the song ‘Bone Chain’ that goes, ‘Like lovers in chains / bored with our lives today / we’re getting restless / oh what a goddamned shame / but what can you say.’ I think the idea of sexuality is heightened by the fact that you can watch porn anywhere, anytime you want now. And, there is this ‘war on your body,’ that too much heightened sexuality can bring upon a person and their various relationships, and how they function in society.”

Stephen Brodsky & Nicholas Cageao in an interview with Bandcamp Daily, June 2017

Some bands hit you with this profound discography filled with hours worth of insane stuff to peruse – yet somehow Mutoid Man seem to grip you just as much with simply 2 short albums and an EP’s worth of material, not the least due to the huge reach with regards to influences and inspirations.

Musically groovy and completely body-moving, hardhitting yet still full of both melodies and a certain psychedelia. And to boot, such a damned fun band listening to.

Mutoid Man – “Kiss Of Death” (Official Video)

Mutoid Man performing “Kiss of Death” live from God City Studios.

Kiss Of Death – Official video

And you get to enjoy this yourself, when Mutoid Man will be breaking the law at Roadburn Festival on Friday, April 20.

Mutoid Man live at Saint Vitus on November 2, 2017

A Tyler Buesching Film We are looking for new shooters in NYC, LA, Bay Area, Berlin, Paris, London, Tokyo, Australia and elsewhere. For details contact Mutoid Man playing live at Saint Vitus Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York City on November 2, 2017.

Liveset, Saint Vitus Bar, NYC, November 2017


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