Roadburn, of course, has quite the reputation for interesting collaborations, and this year is not an exception (just check out the cool jams they have set up for the San Diego Takeover and the Japanese Psych Experience, not to speak of the commissioned pieces).

But, in a way this is topped by the inclusion of a special collaborative set by Father Murphy and Jarboe. Jarboe, of course, being something of a legend, and Father Murphy having announced their final album (and tour) during 2018.

Jarboe + Father Murphy // Live In Saint Petersburg

The Place / 07/10/2017 00:00 – Truth Or Consequences 08:50 – The Ferryman 15:10 – Blood On Your Hands 19:30 – Indemnity 24:24 – Overthrown 28:50 – Forever 32:55 – Ode To V 36:42 – Nothing Is Here

Jarboe & Father Murphy – Liveset from St. Petersburg, October 2017


I could of course vex on for hours about Jarboe, but will try not to.

Versatile, uncompromising. poetical. voice artist, experimental as well as experimenting, I actually first encountered Jarboe through her 2003 album-collaboration with Neurosis, having never really become acquainted with Swans before that – that was to drastically change though.

And going through Jarboe’s very diverse production from the harsh abbrassive Swans-albums, through her early solo-recordings, to the more spiritually-laden releases, with frequent detours through exciting collaborations, what truly leaves its mark is an awe-inspiring breadth both of vision and of means of expression.

In its condensed essence much of Jarboe‘s production can be seen as an extremely succesful attempt to combine the disparate parts of what can be seen as a dichotomy of seemingly irreconcilable forces – whether you would name these Yin and Yang, Love and Rage or something inbetween.

There’s this counterpoint between dark, ominous religion (dogmatic, even) on one side, and a wider-ranging spirituality on the other. And also, the much broader views of eastern religions and philosophies, freed from the binary dogmatism, hierarchy and bigotry of the western world philosophies and/or monotheistic religions.

And Jarboe comes riding on the back of quite possibly her best album for about 10 years, the enticing, alluring As Mind Dissolves As Song Begins, and of course a split single with Father Murphy.

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The Thirteen MasksAlbum (1991)spotify
Sacrificial CakeAlbum (1995)spotify
AnhedoniacAlbum (1998)spotify
Disburden DiscipleAlbum (2000)spotify
OverAlbum Collaboration w. Telecognac (2000)Youtube
Dissected: A Collection Of RemixesAlbum (2002)spotify
Neurosis & JarboeAlbum Collaboration w. Neurosis (2003)BandCamp
Beautiful People LtdAlbum Collaboration w. Lary Seven (2003)spotify
The ConduitAlbum (2005)spotify
The Men AlbumAlbum (2005)spotify
The EndAlbum Collaboration w. Cedric Victor (2006)spotify
VisceraAlbum Collaboration w. Byla (2007)spotifyBandCamp
MahakaliAlbum (2008)spotifyBandCamp
Stream Enterer Vol. 01Album Collaboration w. Baleyyg (2008)spotifyBandCamp
Stream Enterer Vol. 02Album Collaboration w. Baleyyg (2008)spotifyBandCamp
Dark ConsortAlbum Collaboration w. Cedric Victor (2008)spotify
Stream Enterer Vol. 03Album Collaboration w. Baleyyg (2008)spotifyBandCamp
J2Album Collaboration w. Justin K. Broadrick (2008)spotify
UgraAlbum (2009)spotify
DaksinakaliAlbum (2009)spotify
Durga And Her Smile Of Radiant Vengeance2009 (2009)spotify
AlchemicAlbum (2009)spotify
The PathAlbum Collaboration w. Kris Force (2010)spotifyBandCamp
MoneyEP (2012)BandCamp
DreamsAlbum (2013)spotify
The Neon RainAlbum Collaboration w. Nundata (2013)BandCamp
Zen JazzAlbum (2014)spotify
Jarboe & Helen MoneyEP Collaboration w. Helen Money (2015)BandCamp
Wabi SabiEP (2015)spotify
Sun FallingAlbum Collaboration w. Veil Of Thorns (2015)spotifyBandCamp
As Mind Dissolves As Song BeginsAlbum (2017)spotify
Jarboe / Father MurphySingle Collaboration w. Father Murphy (2017)BandCamp

Father Murphy

It’s seems to be an easily observable fact, that the more ingrained religion is in a society, the more prevalent will be the artistic attempts to get free of the restraints imposed upon society by this religion.

And looking at some of the more interesting Italian acts, it is quite easy to see this exact thing happening in a society that has been under the thumb of dogmatic catholicism for ages.

And Father Murphy seems like one big finger pointing towards the ills of catholicism, and at the same time through rampant experimentation trying to mend the damage and put as much distance to religion as at all possible.

With an early start with a kind of bubblegum noise rock, quite quickly Father Murphy changed their course into a much more gritty form of ritualistic art rock with post-punk aspirations.

Their take seems somewhat deconstructionist, in a collection of releases that works itself deeper and deeper into both the muck of society and also into its own experimentation.

Father Murphy’s exploring and expounding the very effects of strict catholicism on a society is perhaps not a pretty picture, but it is sociologically an interesting excavation, and can actually seem to be a healthy form of catharsis.

And soon, Father Murphy will die, so do yourself the favor and attend when Jarboe & Father Murphy will team up to enshroud Roadburn 2018 in welcoming, velvet darkness when they play on Friday, April 20 at Het Patronaat.

The very last Father Murphy album, Rising. A Requiem For Father Murphy will also be released on April 20th.

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Six Musicians Getting UnknownAlbum (2005)spotify
I Saw Seven Horns Rising From The Sea, When A Rooster Sang For The Third TimeEP (2006)BandCamp
...And He told Us To Turn To The SunAlbum (2008)spotifyBandCamp
No Room For The WeakEP (2010)spotifyBandCamp
Brigadisco's Cave #6: 1 March 2011Album (2011)BandCamp
SplitSingle Split w. How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? (2011)BandCamp
Anyway Your Children Will Deny ItAlbum (2012)spotifyBandCamp
Orsanti They Called ThemEP (2013)BandCamp
Pain Is On Our Side NowEP (2014)BandCamp
Let Them All Fall With YouSingle (2014)BandCamp
CalvarySingle (2015)spotifyBandCamp
CroceAlbum (2015)spotifyBandCamp
LamentationsEP (2015)spotifyBandCamp
Jarboe / Father MurphySingle Collaboration w. Jarboe (2017)BandCamp
Doubleman / DeliveranceSingle Split w. Grumbling Fur (2017)BandCamp