Kirk Windstein – Guitar/Vocals
Matt Brunson – Guitar
Tommy Buckley – Drums
Todd Strange- Bass


Crowbar featured on FreqsTV’s original tour series, “Ghosts of the Road”, presented by! subscribe now: FreqsTV:

Ghosts Of The Road segment with Kirk Windstein, from FreqsTV, April 2015

The inclusion of Crowbar is of course a nod to the Roadburn traditions, but Kirk Windstein and co. are definitely not there just to please regular customers.

But also – since a lot of this years festival seems to be about building bridges – whether over apparant gaps or perhaps just over imagined ones – Crowbar seems especially well-suited, since much of their output bridges the differences between classic doom, bluesy sludge, and punk. And of course also to the more common metal of the 90’s, groovy and rocking.

And Crowbar is also a big fat fist in the face of “the man” anyway – and as such is embracing many of us malcontents and rabble-rousers.

CROWBAR – Falling While Rising (Official Video)

Taken from “The Serpent Only Lies” (October 28) Get the album at Crowbar Online

Falling While Rising – Official video

Kirk has a incredible grasp of that huge doom-riff and at the same time seems to have a need to take the riff further, and Crowbar‘s pioneering role in bringing about sludge can not be overestimated.

But I think, in the end, a good word to describe what sets Crowbar apart from most other sludge bands is “melodicity”. As well as of course unrelenting, unforgiving, and unrepentant.

IMS: At this point, you’ve had quite a career: eleven full-lengths in 25 years with Crowbar, not to mention the great music you made with Down and Kingdom of Sorrow. Did you ever imagine that you’d still be making music with Crowbar at this point in your life?

KW: Yes and no. The quick answer would be no but my goal when I started playing music and especially when I started getting into underground music was never to get rich and famous or be a rock star or any of that kind of shit. I just wanted longevity. I wanted to do what I loved and make a living doing it. I’ve been able to do that. Who can ask for more than that? I would never trade my career for someone who has two or three hit records and are pretty much done now. For us it’s just been about the music. It’s not about the image obviously. It’s about the music and being down to earth and real. That’s the way I’ve always wanted my career to be and it’s exactly the way it is. I wouldn’t mind a little more money but I don’t need anything else. My wife is the tour manager so I’m able to travel the world with her and three of my great friends and play killer heavy music. So, no complaints on my part.”

Kirk Windstein interviewed by Indy Metal Vault, December 2016

As part of Jacob Bannon‘s curation, Crowbar will perform their classic album Odd Fellows Rest in its entirety on April 20. And such a great album it is. You do not want to miss this.

Crowbar – Live at Resurrection Fest 2014 (Viveiro, Spain) [Full show]

Crowbar at Resurrection Fest 2014. Full show (31/07/14). Crowbar en el Resurrection Fest 2014. Concierto completo (31/07/14).


Liveset, Resurrection Fest 2014

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