As if the whole San Diego Takeover thing wasn’t enough to make every psych/stoner/space/kraut fan want to reside in Tilburg during April of this year, there’s a nice little extra event taking place during the festival: The Japanese Psych Experience.

3 excellent bands, and the addition of legendary singer Damo Suzuki, and a regular star-studded East-West summit – could you really want anything more?

For your scrolling pleasure – here’s a short roundup of the bands involved

Kikagaku Moyo

Compared to the high-speed, high-octane output of the bands comprising the San Diego Takeover, the Japanese contingent seems decidedly different.

Kikagaku Moyo play a wonderfully introspective, laid-back, even poppy psych that seems to be mainly inspired by the acid-tinged folk wave of the late 60’s.

Mixing proggy elements into things (think very early Floyd), Kikagaku Moyo become an enticing, irresistible entity, soothing and slowly floating, at times even reverent, yet still able to psych-out with the best of them.

You get the feeling that everything is very elaborate, nothing happens by chance, still the feeling is loose and unencumbered – I guess this is what equillibrium really feels like.

Kikagaku Moyo – Live at The Echoplex 10/17/2016

October 17, 2016 – Kikagaku Moyo performs live at The Echoplex, Echo Park, Los Angeles, California. Members: Vocal/Guitar: Tomo Katsurada Guitar: Daoud Popal Sitar/Organ: Ryu Kurosawa Bass: Kotsuguy Drums/Vocal: Go Kurosawa Genre: Feeling good music Hometown: Tokyo

Liveset, The Echoplex, Los Angeles, October 2016

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Kikagaku MoyoAlbum (2013)BandCamp
Mammatus CloudsAlbum (2014)BandCamp
Forest Of Lost ChildrenAlbum (2014)spotifyBandCamp
Cross The Way / The Spinning WheelSplit Single w. Moon Duo (2015)BandCamp
Soft Line / Flujo y ReflujoSplit Single w. Kinski & Kawabata (2015)BandCamp
House In The Tall GrassAlbum (2016)spotifyBandCamp
Stone GardenEP (2017)spotifyBandCamp

Minami Deutsch

With Minami Deutsch we’re moving into markedly other territory on the psych front.

Where most of the other psych bands on this year’s lineup drawns directly from the mother fountain of 60’s / 70’s psych, Minami Deutsch seems a lot more drawn to 80’s / 90’s post-punk and noise, and the definitely darker sounds emanating from these times and styles.

But there’s also a spacey lightness to their sound that seems to temper the darker, underlying themes.

And it’s a remarkably well-working combination. The psych is not in any way turned or toned down, but sounds remarkably different and fresh.

To my ears, this sounds more or less like Blade Runner would sound if it was music instead of a movie.

Minami Deutsch @ Worm Rotterdam Netherlands 15-09-2017

Complete show!

Liveset, Worm, Rotterdam, September 2017

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Minami DeutschAlbum (2015)spotifyBandCamp
Tunnel / New Pastoral LifeSingle (2016)spotifyBandCamp


With Dhidalah we’re moving even further into modern territory, as I get some of the vibe also existent in some of the spacier trance techno – of course without leaving the psych roots out of sight for even a minute.

And like with good trance, the compositions seem to exactly mimic small journeys, worthwhile journeys, journeys that bring greater understanding and clarity, journeys that take us places we’d never have dared imagine before starting out on them.

Still, it’s incredibly densely populated compositions, effects-laden, psych echoing out all over the place, and there’s also a definite doomy side to the band.

Dhidalah – live in Space Mountain (part 1 of 3)


Live in Space Mountain

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AdamshiiDemo (2015)BandCamp
Lucy In Space With DhidalahEP (2015)BandCamp
No WaterEP (2017)BandCamp