Mario Rubalcaba – drums
Isaiah Mitchell – guitar
Mike Eginton – bass

Every year, Roadburn choose an artist to showcase in a special way – the so-called Artist In Residence. An artist that is given 3 sets during the festival to explore and show different sides of themselves.

Earthless – Interview @ Scion Label Showcase (Scion AV)

Earthless bandmates Mario Rubalcaba and Mike Eginton discuss their accidental first meeting and how they bonded over overlapping interests in Japanese Psych and Kraut Rock. They touch on the band’s musical chemistry, origins, and the integrity of playing in front of a live audience.

Interview by Scion AV, April 2013


This year, this honor is bestowed on San Diego’s Earthless, a band that seems to be the living embodiment of the fact that you don’t really need weed (or any other psych-enhancers) to get a high from music. There’s a dreamy lightness towards these jams helping them to take air and really soar, and the time spent (often surpassing the half-hour mark) seems equally to fly.

Bury yourself in your headphones and put on an Earthless jam and you’ll be flying in no time short.


New EARTHLESS album BLACK HEAVEN is out now via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Order the album at: Tour Dates & Tickets: Subscribe to Nuclear Blast YouTube: BLACK HEAVEN Tracklist: 1. Gifted by the Wind 2. End to End 3. Electric Flame 4. Volt Rush 5. Black Heaven 6.

The title-track from the upcoming album Black Heaven

That being said, it never seems like Earthless are in danger of getting lost in their own creation. There always seem to be a very deliberate direction to the what they are doing.

Mind you, apart from psyching out, the band can also play a mean, hardhitting hardrock, And these everchanging shifts from spacey psyched-out to focused rock and back again is of course a big part of Earthless‘ appeal

And the 3 sets during the Roadburn Festival will seemingly also be a diverse bunch, with one being a showcase of material from their upcoming album (out March 16th on Nuclear Blast), the second a impro-jam with legendary vocalist Damo Suzuki, and the third one a special East Meets West jam where Earthless and other artists from the San Diego scene will join up with members from Kikagaku Moyo.

So you just remember the good parts?
Mostly. If it’s an effective riff, it will stick in our heads. There are tons of quote-unquote songs that we do on the spot that we never tape. Or we just have no idea what we did, but know they were fucking awesome. That’s the cool thing about improvising, which is different then jamming. Jamming is when people don’t really know what they’re doing, and they’re just plicking and plucking and not making any sense out of it. Improvising is composing on the spot so that it comes off like jazz musicians — it sounds like its orchestrated, but you’re doing it off the top of your head or out of your heart or out of your soul. You’re in control of it.

And that’s what Earthless does?
Exactly. We have a pretty good focus, and we are able to really read each other. There’s always openness in the music that allows us to trail off and come back and be able to look at someone when we feel like changing back into the old beat, or the new beat, and kind of just wind it down. It’s a lot of eye contact and knowing how your partners play.”

Mario Rubalcaba in an interview with Spin, October 2013

Just that one set with Damo Suzuki would be enough to start salivating senselessly – so let’s just consider those other 2 sets as an amazing bonus… we’ll let those who attend see if it’s humanly possible to attend all those without their heads spinning off their necks

Earthless will be playing the 013 Venue on Thursday 19th, Friday 20th, and Saturday 21st – details to follow…

Earthless – Red Dragon – Imaike, Nagoya – Jan 11 2015 [FULL SHOW]

Earthless live at Red Dragon – Imaike, Nagoya – Jan 11 2015 ————————————————— 0:00-19:34 – Uluru Rock 19:34-35:05 – Violence Of The Red Sea 35:05-1:03:44 – Sonic Prayer 1:03:44-1:09:32 – Cherry Red ————————————————— Earthless is: Isaiah Mitchell – guitar Mike Eginton – bass Mario Rubalcaba – drums ————————————————— —————————————————

Liveset, Red Dragon, Imaike Nagoya, January 2015

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