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New York has bred the harsh, abbrassive, industrialized duo of Uniform, and New York are probably still cowering in fear and fright.

Mixing dark and unforgiving postpunk with more industrial sounds and structures and a punk-infused in-your-face attitude, Uniform are nothing if not noisy.

Overall the rhythmic parts mimic a life that is dull, monotonous, without spark and warmth. Coldness self-inflicted by an indifferent, lost humanity. The harsh rhythms in a detached way seems nearly techno-inspired.

Uniform – The Killing of America (Official Music Video)

From ‘Wake in Fright’ out now on Sacred Bones. Directed by Yussef Cole. WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: SPOTIFY: The Gun Violence Archive defines a Mass Shooting as an incident where 4 or more people are injured or killed with a firearm.

The Killing Of America – Official video

With a guitar-sound that is at the same time raw, pointed and serrated, cutting through skulls and eardrums alike, leaving devastation in its wake, Uniform are not pretty, and definitely not something the New York Tourist Board would approve of.

But – they are definitely real, in the sense that you can definitely feel the real world when you wrestle your way through their music. The real world that’s out there on the other side of the nice posters and postcards.

And in that sense, the ”Perfect World” they describe is a sham and comes with a sneer.

“There hasn’t been a period in my life that I haven’t felt the world to be on fire in one way or another. Obviously things have only gotten worse but this dread well predates the horrors of 2016. I’ve always felt that it was only a matter of time until the collapse of the West, either through massive shift in consciousness, a revolution that ends with the eradication of capitalism, or a large-scale nuclear war. Time will tell what happens first, but it won’t be long now.”

Michael Berdan in interview with The Quietus, January 2017

Oh, and that cover they’ve dome of Black Sabbath’s Symptom Of The Universe is especially brutal and hardhitting and great.

Go check it out, and be there when Uniform will become part of the Roadburn 2018 roster on Thursday, 19 April, at the 013

UNIFORM live at Pioneer Works, July 29th, 2017 (FULL SET)

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Liveset, Pioneer Works, July 2017

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