Christopher Todd – drums and samples
John Refano – guitar and loopers
AJ Annunziata – bass guitar and visuals

AJ Annunziata of SANNHET Interview | GEAR GODS

We catch up with Sannhet bassist AJ to talk about “Revisionist,” modern black metal, their stellar live show, and more. ___ Subscribe to Gear Gods on YouTube: Catch up on all of Gear Gods coverage of NAMM 2015 at FOLLOW US:

Gear Gods interview A.J. Annunziata

Brooklyn’s Sannhet (Norwegian for “truth”) have gone from strength to strength on the 3 regular albums they have released so far.

Hard to pigeonhole – but residing somewhere between blackgaze and technical death metal, yet with much more of a prog-and-post attitude towards experimentation and musical development – Sannhet insist on striking at boundaries.

SANNHET – Salts (official video)

Taken from the album “So Numb” out 08.25.17 Order “So Numb” on CD/LP/Digital here:… Video written and directed by AJ Annunziata ( Director of Photography: Matthew Canada Gaffer: Daniel Lipski. Cast: Stephen Berthomieux Stephen Lee Clark Ellan Phillips David Castillo Amanda Salane Jake Boyle Michael Christoph AJ Annunziata Christopher Todd John Refano Tech – delivered in 1.85 aspect ratio.

Salts – Official video

The instrumental 3-piece creates emotional rollercoasters containing a certain contemplative quality – expanding horizons and tearing down walls, certainly, but also looking inwards, gathering self-knowledge, preparing for what might come. At the same time, there’s a certain coldness and longing in their sound, and their compositions are filled with drama and purpose and possibilities.

It’s music that tastes like future. But also music that recognizes the pitfalls in life that may curtail that future.

What’s the story behind the album’s title and how does the cover photo relate?
Refano: So Numb is an ode to the escapist. The photo is meant to depict a moment in cognitive development known as “the original wound” or “primal pain.” In this moment, the child is basically traumatized and learns that they have a need for survival. Its fallout can manifest in a variety of interpersonal problems during adulthood. On the cover, you see a mother shielding her child’s eyes. The concept is that this attempt to provide comfort and protection from pain paradoxically hinders growth and perhaps make the transition to adulthood more traumatic. The record is essentially set in a time of reflection of this original wound. All of us in the band have been basically coming of emotional age over the past few years, and not without growing pains. Depression, escapism, ennui are side effects of this growth. The photo is perhaps a nostalgic memory of yourself before the car crash.”

John Refano in interview with Pure Grain Audio, September 2017

And 2017-album So Numb stands as the pinnacle of their work so far – it is such a beautiful, emotional collection of music that is completely soul-freeing and transcending, telling stories that you can relate to, that grabs you by the heart and insists you listen and experience. And you leave, wanting more, but also wanting life. And in this sense, Sannhet have truly chosen the perfect name for themselves.

Sannhet will perform on Thursday, 19 April at the 013 venue.

SANNHET live at Alphaville, Aug. 26th, 2016 (FULL SET)

Contact: Pit Full of Shit

Liveset from Alphaville, August 2016

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