Occult, rotten German metallers Occvlta takes us on a journey all the way back to the early 80’s, at a time when bands like Venom, Hellhammer, and a little later, Celtic Frost had just started to reign supreme, while laying the groundwork, the very foundation for the myriad extreme metal to come.

In doing so, Occvlta derives what seems like the very essence of that particular period of time, in a sense squeezing all the juicy power, the freshness, the festering ugliness we remember so well, straight out of the fabric of time, creating with it a potion.

A potion with which they are able to – in a sense – recreate exactly how those bands at that time made me feel, which sheer impact this had on me way back when.

OCCVLTA – Last of the Sabbaths (Official Audio)

German black metal horde OCCVLTA have come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2004.

Last Of The Sabbaths – Official audio

Yes, it might be derivative to a certain extent, but it is done both in great taste (if that is a term you can use for such raw, rotten, dirty metal) and with great flair. And there is an immediacy to what Occvlta do – a freshness… this is not retro as much as it simply IS. And there is actually even a “ugh” or two in there too.

I really can’t remember any other artist or band that nail this quite as Occvlta do.

Occvlta will metal up the night on Saturday 21 April at the 013 venue at Roadburn 2018.

Occvlta – Live at The Abyss Underground Festival 2018 – Full show

Audience recording from the live performance at The Abyss Underground Festival, Gothenburg Film Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden 2018-01-20, 20/1/2018. Support and buy their great music too! https://www.facebook.com/occvlta/

Liveset from The Abyss Underground Festival, Gothenburg, January 2018


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Thuringian Supremacy Vol. 1Split Album w. Goatfuneral / Dies Fyck / Panzerkreutz (2010)Youtube
We Command The WolvesEP (2010)spotifyBandCamp
Occvlta / SaluteSplit EP w. Salute (2012)spotifyBandCamp
Night Without EndAlbum (2017)spotifyBandCamp