There is definitely something going on in Salem, Oregon. Something dark and sinister.

The proof is right there, in bands like Hell and now Mizmor (or rather מזמור, as the correct name for this project is).

A project created by A.L.N. who also sits in on drums for Hell, Mizmor definitely does not stand in Hell’s shadows.

Where Hell might be is a regular doomsday machine, Mizmor is more in the vein of a rattling hearse going its rounds foretelling the impending doom. And where Hell upped the game with their latest full-length, so did Mizmor with the 2016 album Yodh (which will be the album played in full at Roadburn 2018) – it’s as if dark reality just got realer – and darker, much darker.

“The music of Mizmor was necessitated from a religious time in my life. I spent a serious amount of time seeking answers to the primal questions of life, and ultimately depending on a god I came to believe in. This time came to an end… a bitter end, and I turned my back on the beliefs I had cultivated. The sorrow, disillusionment, confusion, bitterness and disappointment were so intense that I honestly felt I could die. The rug had been torn from beneath my feet, revealing a different and truer world I had failed to see before. The best friend I came to love dearly turned to ash in my arms. I began to write songs in the black metal style to express this terror and save my sanity. After making a few songs, I realized I should name this thing. I decided upon a name that was close to the heart of the experience I was having.”

A.L.N. on choosing the name Mizmor, in an interview on Cvlt Nation, June 2015

The story of Mizmor is set in the slow-moving domain of blackened doom, the black at times overshadowing the doom, while the atmospheric, droney doom fights back and takes back the reins on other compositions, and the vocals pouring out all the desperation and anguish of a lifetime’s grief and pain.

And underneath this, there’s a creeping feeling of the outback, of americana gone truly bad – and an immense feeling of loss. It is music that quite simply steals time, where you tend to get absorbed into the flow of the music and to not quite notice anything else that might be going on around you.

Mizmor will be rising from its slumber to perform Yodh live in its entirety for the first time as the sole European date in 2018, on Saturday 21st at the 013 Venue.


An excerpt from Mizmor’s set at Migration Fest on August 14, 2016, in Olympia, Washington.

Live clip from Migration Fest, August 2016

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