Linnéa Olsson – Guitars + Voice
Uno Bruniusson – Drums + Percussion
Sam Segarra – Bass

With only about 20 minutes of material released so far, Linnéa Olsson‘s new band are an easy bite to make the acquaintance of. Olsson of course not an unknown card, previously a member of among other bands Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures.

That’s the easy part out of the way then.

Because, there is nothing easy about stomaching Maggot Heart.

“Music is a matter of the heart, and all that matters are matters of the heart. We’re born with a pure heart which gradually becomes infested and polluted by negativity encountered throughout life, like worms in fruit. And I thought MAGGOT HEART sounded cool. It’s also a nod to the album – and in particular the song – “Maggot Brain” by FUNKADELIC. It’s the most emotional, insanely good solo I’ve ever heard.”

Linnéa Olsson interviewed by Bardo Methodology, June 2017

Noisy punky rock with a particular vengeance and sneer, hitting like a fist smack in the middle of your face, calling for all outcasts and misfits to gather together and wreak havoc. On top of this, there’s this “peculiar” rhytmic quality, sort of like known from late 80’s diverse waves, just enough to make the body unable to stop moving.

And like another pied piper, Linnéa Olsson will lead everyone into mischief and debauchery, when Maggot Heart will be making themselves known by force on Saturday, 21 April at the 013 venue at Roadburn 2018.

Maggot Heart – Show Them Your Teeth (Official Video)

Written & directed by Sarah Ben Hardouze & Linnéa Olsson Camera & edit by Sarah Ben Hardouze Stream & download “Show Them Your Teeth” HERE: Maggot Heart LIVE 2017/2018 OCT 27 Fraternity of Sound Festival, Athens GR FEB 9 A Sinister Purpose Festival, Leipzig DE FEB 15 Revolver, Oslo

Show Them Your Teeth – Official video

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City GirlsEP (2017)BandCamp
Show Them Your TeethSingle (2017)BandCamp