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Since their last performance at Roadburn in 2016, Salem’s Hell have released an eponymous album on venerable purveyor of festering rot and disease Sentient Ruin Laboratories.

It’s hard to imagine anything as hostile, negative and downright nasty as those 50 minutes of purgatorial torture – in and of itself removing any pretense that humanity could in any way face salvation… damnation is what’s in store – and damnation is the only reasonable, meassured response towards the evil scheming that lies at humanity’s core.

Violently brutal and punishing doom of the slowest kind is Hell’s trademark, hard-hitting with a vengeance, gathering together every little piece of badness and madness from both doom and black and adding any hopelessness that can be found in noisy ambients

“”George Carlin put it a really simple way in his stand up about seeing America as a “freak show,” MSW mused during in a short interview conducted earlier this week. “There are the ‘freaks,’ the people sitting back and watching the ‘freaks’ in awe, and the people that ‘run the freak show.’ I feel like a lot of people in these oppressive genres are the people cracking a beer or six, and sitting back and watching everything fall apart, not knowing quite how to solve the problem or change things. I would love to spend my last days or hours watching this world rid itself of our failed human race. I just hope I stay alive long enough to see most of it burn.””

MSW in an interview with Noisey, August 2017

Each droney bass-stroke becomes a vehicle for obliteration and lays the foundation for stabs of precisely targeted riffs that again underscores the otherworldly howls of anger, pain and frustration.

Hell are perhaps one of the most visceral and hellish (pun intended) experiences you are likely to encounter on the modern doom-scene.

Hell takes the stage at Roadburn 2018 on Sunday, April 22 at Het Patronaat. Be there if your nerves are strong – your soul will be forfeit anyway.

HELL live at Roadburn 2016

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Liveset – Roadburn, 2016

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