GosT “Arise (feat. Kriistal Ann)” [Music Video – “Non Paradisi” – 2016]

GosT “Arise (feat. Kriistal Ann)” music video – co-directed by Valenberg & Blood Music. This is track number 7 on GosT’s highly-awaited sophomore album, “Non Paradisi.” The album will be released on September 30th, 2016 through Finland/USA label Blood Music.

Arise – Official video

Roadburn have embraced the emerging synth wave (whether you might call it dark-synth, neo-synth or any of the other popular nomers) after succesfully testing the waters with Perturbator and Carpenter Brut last year.

Which has led to the enigmatic American GosT being added for this year’s outing. And as with a lot of the other stuff Roadburn exposes its audience to, they tend to go deep as well as wide, exploring the breadth of this genre to see how wide it stretches.

Sucker for Synth Interview #3: GosT

Huge thank you to GosT for sitting down to talk before one of his shows! Support GosT: And also, many thanks yet again to Turbo Juice for his aid! Check his channel out: Stream Sucker for Synth here, every Friday @ 6PM EST:

Interview by Sucker For Synth, November 2017

On the backs of a series of delightfully 80es Miami Vice reminiscent EPs, GosT really came into being with the release of the debut-album Skull, which added lots more sinister synthscapes into the mix, truly releasing the potential for a decidedly satanic take on the whole emerging dark-synth genre.

But, on top of the sinisterre there is a lightness lingering over the compositions that counterpoints nicely with the overall dark tone.

This lightness lets the music seep unobserved down through the layers of the mind latching itself onto the subconscious, refusing to let go, futhering its evil propagative intent – transforming the mind, carefully molding it into its own image… a kind of anti-psychedelic approach – this is not about expanding – this is about taking over on a subconscious level.

“I personally am not religious in the slightest, but GosT definitely believes in God and the devil, heaven and hell. As a character, I am able to immerse myself in that belief, which can be very intoxicating to me creatively. It’s a strange paradox for me, because I enjoy letting myself employ those beliefs, but can and do instantly leave the character behind when I take the mask off.”

From interview with Bandcamp Daily, September 2016

And judging from the first two tracks available from the upcoming album, GosT definitely comes to Roadburn to lay waste and claim souls, when he performs on Sunday, 22 April at the 013 venue, in front of an audience, lost after the 3 previous days of devastating performances, completely ripe for a hostile takeover.

GosT – Live at The Moroccan Lounge 11/16/2017

November 16, 2017 – GosT performs live at The Moroccan Lounge, downtown Los Angeles, California.

Liveset, The Morrocan Lounge, Los Angeles, November 2017

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