Michał “Nihil” Kuźniak – vocal, samples, guitar
Kamil “Sars” Staszałek – bass
Przemysław “Voldtekt” Muchowski – guitar
Grzegorz “Namtar” Kantor – drums

It’s of course always an interesting aspect to the growth and development of local scenes, how bands inspire each other and of sorts push each other towards new land, new greatness. Roadburn this year is filled with the evidence of this, with representation from for instance the Tampere psych-scene, Iceland‘s black metal hotpot, and San Diego‘s fuzz-masters.

On a personal level, going through this year’s lineup, I’ve made a firm decision to start checking out the Polish black metal scene. The bands included in the lineup points toward a thriving scene, intent on experimenting and the complete removal of boundaries.

That is the charm and the inevitable pull of this festival. You know some of the bands, but if you dig into those you don’t know, you’re bound to find a lot of true treasures. To me, Furia is one of those.

Furia – Halny

Album – Halny (2010)

Fanmade video – Halny

At their essence Furia‘s unrelenting black metal is tempered with a very sincere folk-element, as well as almost proggish elements, and to top that off a very good understanding of what made old school heavy metal work so well.

They are absolutely epic without losing any of the cold rage – and still there is a delicate frailty underlining a lot of their work, as if they know reality has become so ragged, that to attack with full force will only obliterate everything, instead of simply exposing it. But at the same time they also dare being grandiose and majestic in their compositions, and it is perhaps this apparant dichotomy that makes the band’s work so utterly irresistible.

“You know, Furia is full of understatements. We leave a lot for people’s own conclusions. There are certain things I’d rather not explain but get people to perceive them in their own way instead. Some things need to remain in the territory of unawareness, because it’s the part of what we do.”

Nihil, interviewed by The Goat Tavern

And to truly see the adventurous, experimenting nature of Furia, check out some of their EPs which contain their more transgressing, searching work.

Also be sure to check out Furia when they play Roadburn on Friday the 20th. It might just move the foundations of 013.

Furia Castle Party 2016

Mala scena Castle Party 2016 – Furia 1. 02:12 Sa to Kola 2. 07:44 Zamawianie drugie 3. 12:02 … 4. 19:30 Kosi Ta Smierc 5. 25:23 Zabieraj Lapska 6. 32:54 Ogromna Noc 7. 42:17 Cialo 8. 50:00 Ohydny Jestem 9: 55:10 Krew w kolorze bursztynu

Liveset – Castle Party 2016

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I SpokójDemo (2004)Youtube
I KrzykEP (2005)Youtube
Martwa Polska JesieńAlbum (2007)BandCamp
PłońEP (2009)spotifyBandCamp
Grudzień Za GrudniemAlbum (2009)spotifyBandCamp
Huta Laura/Katowice/Królewska HutaEP (2010)Youtube
HalnyEP (2010)spotifyBandCamp
Marzannie, Królowej PolskiAlbum (2012)spotifyBandCamp
W MelancholiiEP (2013)spotifyBandCamp
NocelAlbum (2014)BandCamp
Księżyc Milczy LutyAlbum (2016)spotifyBandCamp
GuidoEP (2016)BandCamp