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In a way Årabrot are one of those bands where it’s fruitless, impossible really, to try to envision their artistic output – and their sheer impact – through a simple listing of influences and reminiscenses. As if the frequent testing of new waters and outright experimentation was not enough, there seems to be an underlying wish to ”just” simply do whatever they want.

These days, of course, Årabrot – or Arabrot – is more of a solo-project of founder Kjetil Nernes, and it seems the need for experimentation and development remains the only constant of this project. Which is an incredible strength, in this case.

Further to that, how do you seek out collaborators? Are you always looking for the right people for the sound in your head?

Yes. Once the songs start to materialise I come up with ideas for who could add extra guitars or percussion or whatever else instrumentally. I work really close with one drummer in the beginning of the process, and then add a bass player, some synths, etc. Usually I never plan on using as many musicians as we did for The Gospel. That was more a coincidence really, but it was definitely a lot of fun.”

Kjetil Nernes interviewed by Drowned In Sound, March 2016

Whether you’re listening to the bleak, dark, and aggressive early albums, the bizarre feel of Brian Johnson being tortured by The Jesus Lizard to the accompaniment of a completely mad and demented Angus Young that is the Brother Seed album, or the more straightforward (used in a very loose sense here) songs of the latest album Gospel, you are bound to be fascinated by the very nature of this beast.

In a sense, they are even more nihilistic and non-conforming than those early black metal bands that for the mainstream-world seems to be the ”worst” Norway can bring. I guess, in a way, Årabrot begs to differ

Årabrot – Tall Man

Original Music Video for Årabrot – Tall Man, from their 2016 album The Gospel.

Tall Man – Official video

Visceral and quite mad, definitely. It’s like some sort of musical hydra, in the habit of casually cutting of its own heads, simply to have even more musical faces to make use of.

To quote the official Roadburn presentation:
Årabrot will not be making things easy for anyone on Thursday, 19 April at Het Patronaat at Roadburn, and it’s already starting to feel like one of those classic mindblowers to be discussed for years on end. Don’t miss it!”

I can only concur – describing Årabrot in around 200 words… that ain’t easy, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world ;-)

Årabrot – Black Bear Bar 2015

http://unartignyc.com http://www.facebook.com/UnartigOfficial You can reach us at mail@unartignyc.com Arabrot playing live at Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn, New York City on July 19 , 2015. http://unartignyc.com/money-for-nothing/ http://www.arabrot.com/imodi/

Liveset from the Black Bear Bar, Brooklyn, July 2015

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