Datsu – Drums
Yoshikawa – Bass
Max – Guitar
Monzawa – Guitar & Vocals

It might seem one of these easy ethnic generalisations that are not worth the effort put into reading them, but in this individuals eyes, what sets the best Japanese underground acts apart (and what makes many consider them cult) is a willingness to take everthing to absolute extremes – and then some.

And in this regard, Greenmachine definitely don’t disappoint.

Japanese cult-sludgers Greenmachine deliver a quite overwhelming package of powerful, extreme, dirty sludge metal based on a heavy, heavy blues-foundation, at times with grungy undertones. All is overlaid with equally extreme, screamed, delightfully raw vocals – everything with the addition of that best of what Japanese underground music has to offer: total abandon.

GREENMACHiNE – Rapidfire (MV)

from “For the Night and Blood EP” 2016.03.09 ON SALE!!! from Daymare Recordings Video directed by Murayama Ryuta(foodunited) “張り詰めた緊張感を持ちながら心してプレイボタンにスイッチを入れたが、初っ端の「Rapidfire」に横っ面を張り倒されたかのように身体ごとブッ飛ばされた感覚を覚えた。 ヒリヒリするような激情の迸りにアドレナリンが一気に放出される、メンタルにもフィジカルにも実にダイレクトなピュアハードコアナンバーだ。 炸裂疾走する攻撃的なスピードチューンとも言えるが、いわゆるbpmに血道を上げるようなカオティックなハードコアではない。DATSU(Dr)のドラムはあくまでも重く、且つ冷静にビートを刻んでいる。 また、GREENMACHiNEがどの曲でも大切にしているだろうロックンロールのキャッチーさやテクスチャーをしっかりと感じさせる仕上がりであり、彼らの標榜する、これぞ「ハードコアロック」という会心の一曲ではないだろうか。”(KanakoShirokuroレビューより抜粋) https://www.facebook.com/chan.shiroku…


There’s this sense of full-on energy assault, with a visceral sneer that is almost punk-like in its intensity.

And the title of their third album, The Archives Of Rotten Blues, is actually a fantastic definition of exactly what they sound like – also inasmuch as their sound has developed over their releases – towards a furthermore refined and festering combination of dirty blues and death rock.

And fans of acts like Weedeater should definitely check this out – even if Greenmachine generally pack more speed and punch.

The mosh-pit for this performance could very well be one for the books.

GREENMACHiNE will play the D.A.M.N. album in its entirety on Saturday, 21 April at Het Patronaat as part of Jacob Bannon‘s curation.



Full liveset from Mountain High, May 2013

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Untitled / Barmy Sap Headsplit EP w. Thug (1997)Youtube
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The Archives Of Rotten BluesAlbum (2004)spotify
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Hangman's Chair / Greenmachinesplit EP w. Hangman's Chair (2017)spotify