Dylan Desmond – bass, vocals
Jesse Shreibman – percussion, Hammond B3, vocals

Bell Witch are not quite your ordinary doom band. Not just with regards to the instrumentation (the duo uses mainly bass and drums). There is also something about the whole approach that feels different, and it is more or less obvious from the very first notes of their 2011 demo (sombre music overlaid a longer soundclip from The Masque Of The Red Death).

There is a kind of reverence deeply embedded in the music, something almost empathic that is quite unique.

BELL WITCH – Mirror Reaper (official movie trailer)

Trailer for upcoming BELL WITCH “Mirror Reaper” film/visual accompaniment directed by Taylor Bednarz.

Mirror Reaper – Official trailer

They seem vastly ambitious in their approach towards composition, and in my view succeeding hugely on their journey towards expanding doom in ways that makes them better capable of expressing themselves, on their way creating a language that is definitely their own.

And on Mirror Reaper, their incredible 2017 album, they have reached the pinnacle so far of their creative output – an extremely complex composition of funerary doom that ebbs and flows for more than 80 minutes, reducing the listener to a trance-like state of equillibrium. Where the subtler points of the composition are able to interject themselves deeper into the mind, slipping beneath layers and creating deeper understandings of the emotions and states described within the music.

Instead of the usual simple (or not so simple, as may be) quote, I’d like to implore everyone to go read this great interview from Noisey relating the whole process of Mirror Reaper and the surrounding events…

Small wonder then, that Roadburn jumped at the chance of having them perform this masterpiece in full, and as a bonus added another set where they will be joined by loyal henchman Eric Moggridge (of Aerial Ruin fame) who has performed beautiful backing vocals for all of their releases so far. The experience can only be transformative.

Bell Witch will perform on Saturday, 21 April at the 013 venue and Sunday, 22 April at Het Patronaat.

Bell Witch @ Heavy Days In Doomtown 4

Heavy Days In Doomtown – a DIY celebration of all things slow and heavy

Heavy Days In Doomtown – a DIY celebration of all things slow and heavy, Copenhagen, Denmark. 5,719 likes · 13 talking about this · 54 were here. -international DIY doom/stoner/sludge festival – 30th…

Liveset from Heavy Days In Doomtown 4, 2014

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