McNerney – Vocals
Vanhanen – Lead Guitar
Arino – Bass
Kiiskilä – Guitars
Tuomikanto – Drums


GRAVE PLEASURES – Joy Through Death (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Order the Album Now: Taken from the album “Motherblood” Out September 29th 2017.

Joy Through Death, Official Video

There’s a line from Leonard Cohen‘s song Dance Me To The End Of Love, that keeps pushing itself to the fore whenever I listen to Grave Pleasures: “Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin

A line that seems simple enough, but has so many facets that the more you think about it, the more you encounter it, the more meaningful yet at the same time the less immediately clear and focused this meaning gets. In a way exactly like the band’s name itself.

Grave Pleasures Studio Diary March 2017

Filmed on location during the making of the 2nd Grave Pleasures album (due in Fall 2017) at Woodworm Studios in Oxfordshire and Orgone Studios in Woburn U.K with Producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Ulver, Paradise Lost etc) Roughly thrown together, shot and edited by the band themselves.

Grave Pleasures Studio Diary, March 2017

And, Grave Pleasures are something like that. With their deathrock drawing inspiration of almost any and every kind of wave in existance during the 80’s, there’s an instant hummability – likability even – to the musical output of these guys, that you can’t help yourself but dance along towards the end of life itself.

This of course is tempered, or perhaps even counterpointed, by the very subject matter: death in all its majesty and colorful cloaks. Death, both as the ending of life, but more importantly death as the defining subject of life. As it says in Joy Trough Death: ”Death takes us out of this world […] Death is the meaning of life

“We’re in a game within a game
We are so free we fear to live
We’ll never fall in love again

Surrender to the future
of omens and visions,

Lay down to the future
It’s our world
It’s our hell
It’s our world
It’s our hell”

From the lyrics to the song Futureshock

In many ways Grave Pleasures are the opposite of Mat McNerney’s other project, Hexvessel – but at the same time Grave Pleasures are the perfect companion of Hexvessel, complementing, fusing into a more full, holistic view of the world – a musical Yin and Yang, delivering a quite profound vision for us all to dive into, should we choose to.

First step then, would be to choose attending the mass Grave Pleasures will be holding at Roadburn, Friday, 20 April on the main stage as part of Jacob Bannon’s curation.

GRAVE PLEASURES – Paris – 26.01.2016

Live @ Glazart 00:00 You Are Now Under Our Control 04:20 Crying Wolves 09:34 Genocidal Crush 14:10 Fear Your Mind 17:34 Death Reflects Us 21:05 Love In A Cold World 25:50 Crooked Vein

Liveset, Glazart in Paris, January 2016



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