Erik Moggridge

Eric Moggridge might be better known by metal diehards as a long-time collaborator of Bell Witch, lending those eerie but soothing vocal parts that is so unmistakably him.

But Moggridge of course also runs Aerial Ruin, an acoustic solo-project of quite staggering, haunting beauty.

Aerial Ruin — in the glory of nigh

Aerial Ruin — in the glory of nigh — from the 2017 album Nameless Sun available at

In The Glory Of Nigh

The music of Aerial Ruin is mostly acoustic, with a sparse and dreamy instrumentation, adding lyrics that are like a poetical journey into sadness and introspective pain, as a layer floating on top.

In my view though, it is the vocals that truly makes Aerial Ruin soar through the skies, with eminent harmonies weaving tales of their own, sending shivers down spines, creating goose-bumps, and essentially reminding me of (and perhaps topping) the masters of harmony-vocals themselves (Simon & Garfunkel)

This combination makes the pain and sorrow literally felt. It jumps out of the tracks, and gently caresses, entices, tempts, becomes almost a meditation – something further enhanced on later albums, where the tracks are allowed to linger in our realm for longer timespans.

“We as humans usually perceive everything through the filter of our minds and senses which dramatically colours our perception of the universe although we are simply a part of the universe that is able to observe itself. Psychedelia and spirituality – which have so profoundly influenced elements of our culture and are the primary inspirations for Aerial Ruin allow us to perhaps begin to strip away this human filter and “see” or “experience” the universe more directly.”

Eric Moggridge, interviewed by The Dreaming Metal Muse, June 2016

To me Moggridge with Aerial Ruin stands out among his peers on the darker acoustic scene, not the least for these immersive qualities of his compositions, for this sharp vision of both harmony and pain.

Aerial Ruin will perform on Saturday, April 21 at the 013 venue, both solo and with Bell Witch.

The Gentle Power of Aerial Ruin

I don’t feature a lot of acoustic music on this channel, so for some of my regulars AERIAL RUIN will seem something of an anomaly. The Portland-based solo project of Erik Moggridge proves that depth and heft need not be backed by Sunn amps and raging vocals.

Liveset from Old Nick’s Pub, Eugene, Oregon, December 2016


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