Pablo C. Ursusson
Georg “Xurxo” Börner
Asia Kindred Moore
Erik Heimansberg

Based on the folkmusic-traditions of the Spanish province Galicia, Sangre De Muerdago will bring something quite special to Roadburn.

Sangre De Muerdago play a quiet, tranquil, acoustic music, filled with longing, but also with sadness and loss. And while listening, inevitably a calm lowers itself over the listener, filling voids, smoothing over cracks.

Sangre de Muerdago – “Fervenza”

Extracted from the 10″ EP “Vagalumes”. -Composed and performed by Pablo C. Ursusson. -Filmed and edited by Pedro Carnicer.



There is a definite feeling of deep, welcoming forests, filled with life and far from the stress and pressure of modern life. I get the feeling when diving into these beautiful songs, that this is essentially all we need to sustain our humanity – that everything else is more or less distractions.

That being said, it is also quite obvious that there is a kinship between the way Sangre De Muerdago expresses themselves, and a lot of the bands and artists in what could in need of a better term be called the heavy emotional music scene. Emotional impact as such is not dependend upon neither volume nor huge elaborations.

“The main source of inspiration is life itself, and the development of humans among other animals and in relation to nature. It’s definitely a longing for reconnection to ourselves, our instincts, our nature, and our knowledge. I have a feeling we are living this period of time, the last couple of years, at a very fast speed. People want everything right now. Like the younger generations—what is the proper way to get through it?

The lyrics of Sangre are very melancholic, and they long for something, but they always intend to empower people. It’s not like a desperate cry. We all have sorrow, we all have sadness, but we have to somehow process it, and then make it our fuel. It’s something that keeps my head busy”

Pablo C. Ursusson, interviewed by Noisey, October 2016

Furthermore, given the current political landscape, we definitely need more bands like Sangre De Muerdago, giving birth to a new form of regionalism, filled with tradition and pride and humble humanity, bereft of the traditional trappings of petty nationalism.

The title of their second album translates into “Let Me Die In The Forest“, and it’s hard to imagine a more apt, beautiful description of this music and the accompanying onslaught of quiet emotions

Sangre De Muerdago will bring a little bit of Galicia with them to Roadburn on Friday, April 20 at Het Patronaat

Sangre de Muerdago – Live in Berlin 2017

At Das Weite Theater Berlin, recorded and edited by THI October 2017. With friendly permission of Sangre de Muerdago and the Weisse Theater Berlin.

Live, full set, Berlin, October 2017

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