Magnus Líndberg – percussion, guitar
Johannes Persson – guitars, vocals
Andreas Johansson – bass
Fredrik Kihlberg – guitar, vocals
Thomas Hedlund – drums
Kristian Karlsson – vocals, keyboards, samples
Julie Christmas – vocals

Swedish post-metal veterans Cult Of Luna have, in my view, one of the most impressive discographies in modern metal.

From the wall of noise and sound beginnings of the first couple of albums, Cult Of Luna have maintained a determined lust for both playful experimentation and a coherent vision of where they see their work heading.

Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas – “Chevron” (Official video)

MARINER TOUR DATES CULT OF LUNA & JULIE CHRISTMAS: 02/11 – Stockholm – Debaser Medis 03/11 – Lausanne – Les Docks 04/11 – Kortrijk – De Kreun (SOLD OUT) 05/11 – Leeds – Damnation Festival 06/11 – Athens – Iera Odos ▶︎ Stockholm tickets : ▶︎ Lausanne tickets : ▶︎ Kortrijk tickets : ▶︎ Leeds tickets : ▶︎ Athens tickets : Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas out with an absolutely eye bawling rendition in their latest music video of “CHEVRON” from their album “MARINER”.

Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas – Chevron


The work of Cult Of Luna have taken us on a marvellous journey. A journey both in musical development, but also a journey that has literally taken us from the outskirts of the countryside, all the way to the big concrete city and beyond. A journey of space and time.

Each of their albums have had a separate definite individuality, never shying away from the unknown. The unknown of course also being the underlying theme behind latest album Mariner, the collaboration with Julie Christmas which is also the focal point of their Roadburn 2018 performance.

MARINER Documentary [short version]

This is the short version of the Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas Mariner documentary, shot across Europe in November 2016. Winter sales on Mariner vinyl – USA ▶︎ Official Merchandising & limited editions ▶︎ Long version including the entire live at De Kreun/Belgium and extra footages will be available in the MARINER LIVE limited edition vinyl, to be released in April 2018.

Short version of a documentary on the making of Mariner (full version available with upcoming Mariner Live album)


In many ways, Mariner is a turning point in the work of Cult Of Luna. In a sense, this seems to stand out naturally, as the album Cult Of Luna have been progressing towards, as musicians as well as composers. An album that is as graceful as it is hard-hitting, as beautiful as it is haunting. An album that could very well in the end stand out as one of the truly golden greats of the 2010’s

With Julie Christmas‘ vocals soaring above both the musical output as well as over Johannes Persson‘s raw, unpolished voice. Taking Cult Of Luna further towards the depths of space and the unknown. But also adding a certain “madness” and unpredictability.

Sonic Bandwagon: A real touching thing musicians and fans in the metal world will say, is how much they feel the music has a healing and unifying power. We would love to hear what impact metal has felt to have in your lives?

Julie: When you are making music like this, there are some parts of it that are exactly what you said. They are uplifting and emotional. But there is some dark shit that happens too when you are on stage. It’s very ripping and aggressive. All of that is part of it. Each night at a show like this, you go through all of these different emotions. It’s an exhaustive experience. It can be painful, but it’s a lucky one to be able to have.

Julie Christmas interviewed by Sonic Bandwagon, February 2017

Mariner is the album that wasn’t meant to be performed live – if you have the money, this performance would be well worth the price of admission to the complete festival.

Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas will perform Mariner for the very last time on Thursday, 19 April at the 013 venue.

Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas – The Wreck of S.S. Needle [Live]

A highly powerful, passionate and deliberate flash of color, light and sound from Sweden’s Cult of Luna and vocalist Julie Christmas. Support the artist, download the album — — Filmed at Reggies in Chicago, April 21, 2017. Captured on a Canon 6D & 50mm f1.4 and colored in Adobe Premiere.

Cult Of Luna and Julie Christmas – The Wreck Of S.S. Needle, Live in Chicago, April 2017 

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