Gautier Serre – All instruments
Sylvain Bouvier – Drums
Laure Le Prunenec – Vocals
Laurent Lunoir – Vocals

When taking notes for this presentation, the first words I wrote were “Sprawling, all-encompassing, completely mad

And, that could of course be that. When reading reviews of the works of Igorrr, these sentiments are very much what is left behind. Because Igorrr is very much a mad taste that lingers in a disquieting way.

Chicken Sonata, featuring Patrick The Chicken


But, Igorrr, the brainchild of French multi-instrumentalist Gautier Serre, is much more than simply disquieting.

With Igorrr, Serre takes his diverse musical tastes (including baroque, roma/balkan traditional, electronics, and extreme metal), and instead of acting like a curator of musical styles, he seems intent on getting all these conflicting inputs to fuse together to a coherent whole.

To this end, in a sense, he is using breakcore as a coagulant on which he glues the other parts – and this is where it gets interesting, because when trying to describe this resulting music, you more or less inevitably end up with something that sounds utterly interesting, but also in a way off-putting for most listeners.

Q: In your tracks vocalists sing in a made up language, Who came up with this idea and is there a story behind it?
“The idea behind it is to avoid any intellectual meaning of the music. I want the voice to be an instrument as much as all the rest in order for the music to be as straight and direct as possible. I don’t want the sound to be « polluted » by any way, and with real lyrics, it feels a bit like if you force your brain to work more than your heart. To be as powerful as possible, I need the music to go straight to the heart, and not make any detour.
Laurent, the singer, came up with the idea as he was the one creating his own language, but in fact, I don’t remember we even spoke about that, it came up naturally as we were on the same vibes.”

Gautier Serre in a 2017 interview with Vanguard-Online

But, when faced with Igorrr‘s actual work, same listeners react first with incredulity and exclamations like “madness” or “holy cow” – but Igorrr is like a musical magnet, drawing most in for subsequent listens, creating more reasoned responses. I saw this much, after the Danish festival Copenhell announced Igorrr as part of their 2018 version, and it is a both heartwarming as well as promising reaction that bodes well for the future.

IGORRR On Writing Creative Music, The Future Of Metal, and Lars Ulrich’s Snare | Metal Injection

Frank visits Hellfest in France to catch up with one of his favorite bands, Igorrr, to discuss Gautier’s background in music as a child, why now was the time to spend 4 years creating his live band opus, how he begins to write such meticulous music, Patrick the chicken, touring America, and a fun game of sound juxtaposition.

Interview by Metal Injection


Because the future might very well belong to Serre and Igorrr. With the 2017 album Savage Sinusoid he seems to have hit all the right spots. Released on venerable metal label Metal Blade Records to more or less universal acclaim, this album is special even in the special discography of Igorrr. Balancing between being an all-out nerd-fest (at least, I’ve been nerding-out to this album ever since it was released) and at the same time being something that apparantly speaks directly to listeners of many kinds, Serre seems to have crashed right into the musical language of the late 2010’s.

And Roadburn is of course the perfect place to experience his jarring soundscapes in the company of his electronics gear, Bouvier‘s machinegun drumming, and the extreme and beautiful vocals of Laurent Lunoir and Laure Le Prunenec.

Igorrr will up the insanity on Friday, 20 April at the 013 venue

Igorrr – Full concert [Dour Festival 2017]

Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Vkontack: Running order: 00min00 : Spaghetti Forever 3min39 : Opus Brain 9min09 : Moldy Eye 13min51 : Pavor Nocturnus 18min05 : Caros 20min18 : Viande 22min49 : Cheval 26min06 : Tendon 31min17 : Excessive Funeral 35min10 : ieuD 39min30 : Tout Petit Moineau

Full liveset from Dour Festival, 2017


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