Paul Allen – Lead Guitar, vocals, audio generator
H. O. Morgan – Bass
Wayne Maskell – Drums, Sonic Attack
Simon Price – Guitars, vocals

The Heads. Where to begin – and where to go from there. It’s as if the band is not quite sure themselves – there is more than a little truth in the title of their second album, Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere. And you know what – that doesn’t matter one damn thing…


Paul and Hugo gibber on, jetlagged and nervous after our only Austrian gig.

Short interview clip from 2011, Austria

The Heads. Being able to both excel on shorter, more organized tracks with definite noise-rock aspirations, as well as drawn out, psyched-out jams that reach far inside your mind and soul.

The Heads. One of the few bands that really seems fit to pick up the glove from those early Pink Floyd psych-fests (think Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun).

“There was always a propensity to improvise and jam but this became more prevalent as time went on. We just enjoyed getting together and jamming. I remember reading that Can would improvise for hours and hours and record everything, so we tried to take that approach but without the crusty army mattresses.”

Paul Allen, interviewed by The Quietus, 2014

The Heads. A band that seems to even work better in collaboration with other bands, cooking up perhaps some of their most interesting works in such settings.

The Heads Live at Roadburn 2015 – Main Stage Set

The Heads Live at Roadburn 2015 April 11, 2015 Main Stage

Live at Roadburn 2015 (Artist in Residence) – Main Stage Set

The Heads. Being able to work equally well when rocking hard and focused, and when losing themselves in a haze nobody seems to know exactly where came from (nor where it’s leading) – just one of the things they seem to have in common with Texas punk-psychsters Butthole Surfers.

The Heads. So very British, yet so very universal at the same time.

The Heads. Making psych great again (and again…)

The Heads Live at Roadburn 2015 – Patronaat Set

The Heads Live at Roadburn 2015 April 10, 2015 Het Patronaat with Robert Hampson

Live at Roadburn 2015 (Artist in Residence) – Het Patronaat Set

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Relaxing With...Album (1995)spotify
Everybody Knows We Got NowhereAlbum (2000)spotify
Under SidedAlbum (2002)Youtube
33Album (2004)spotify
Under The Stress Of A Headlong DiveAlbum (2005)spotify
Dead In The WaterAlbum (2005)spotify
Rituals From The Heads & The Big Naturalscollaboration w. The Big Naturals (2007)BandCamp
Rituals From The Heads & The Big Naturals Volume Twocollaboration w. The Big Naturals (2007)BandCamp
BedlamAlbum (2008)BandCamp
Irrepressible HeadsAlbum (2008)BandCamp
TilburgAlbum (2008)spotifyBandCamp
Collisions V.01split w. White Hills (2009)Youtube
Rituals From The Heads & The Big Naturals Volume Threecollaboration w. The Big Naturals (2010)BandCamp
Vertigo SwillAlbum (2011)BandCamp
Inner Space Broadcasts Vol 1 Part 1Album (2012)Youtube
Enten-EllerAlbum (2012)Youtube
Inner Space Broadcasts Vol 2Album (2013)Youtube
Burning Up With...Album (2016)BandCamp