OK now, time to get this site up and running again. It’s been too long already.

Let’s not bore each other with details, explanations and sorry excuses… it is what it is, and that’s all it ever will be – now, to what becomes instead.

To keep in the relative explanatory environment of a lot of the artistic output I’ve been covering (and will be covering in the future): we’re bound to be disappointed – by others as well as ourselves – but in the end that disappointment is not really meant to be any excuse not to carry on… we carry on, we create… or we die, wither away, cease to exist with nothing left to even prove we were here.

To the people I’ve let down, by taking a longish, unannounced leave of absence, abrupt and unexpected as it was, I truly¬†am sorry – I cannot alter events, but I hope the content that will be coming up in the next few days will be a long-awaited compensation.

Enough of the tears – let’s bleed!