First off, in this new series of Monday music videos is quite a treat, I think.

Musically, we’re in grandiose, theatrical territory, in the company of the Danish/Russian band Parzival from Copenhagen.

Lord Of The Sea is the only completely new composition on their 2018 album Urheimat – Neugeburt (the rest of the album is a rather spectacular re-imagining of their 2011 album Urheimat).

The Neugeburt-tracks are cut from a significantly different cloth than what can be found on the earlier album. The coldness of the compositions have intensified while leaning further on a more traditional rock-lineup (as opposed to the electronics-driven former album), as has the grandiosity – and all in all it is an amazing album.

Visually, the relatively simple zooming-in of the triangle that goes through the whole video works extremely well, creating a visual equivalent of the majestic freeze the track envisions. The hypnotic effect furthering the ability of the music to transcend the conscious mind, sinking deeper towards the center of the mind.

Parzival – “Lord Of The Sea”

Taken from the album “Urheimat Neugeburt” (Mighty Music) Visit Parzival on Facebook: Special thanks to Maiken Kildegaard.

In closing, do spend some time also simply listening to this track, which is a quite wonderful amalgamation of many different styles and interpretations, yet ends up being a truly fulfilling whole.