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To change things up a bit, this Danish black metal band will open up day 2 of the festival – which means there’s really no excuse for not showing up early.

Sunken are a lot more somber, brooding, psychedelic even than most of their contemporary peers, and the way they mix up parts of pummeling, chaotic black overflowing with blast beats, with the more drawn out, dark, brooding parts is almost effortless, and not seen/heard so well-performed very many other places.

Atmospheric is definitely the keyword here, and those adventurous enough to really dive into Sunken will find an extremely gratifying and envigorating experience, and if you find their initial offering interesting, do check out the brand new track from their forthcoming album. It shows they definitely haven’t spent the time since their EP release in 2013 idling about. A powerhouse of emotive energy, which has me eagerly anticipating the impact of the full offering – mark May 26th in your calendars!

SUNKEN “Departure” [Official Premiere]

From the band’s upcoming debut full-length, “Departure”. Out on May 26th, 2017 via Triton’s Orbit. Pre-orders: https://tritonsorbit.bandcamp.com/album/departure

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Third and final Danish band on the festival line-up are Lewd Flesh, whose first release was a single with the subtle title Op I Røven, Dø I Smerte (Up The Ass, Die In Pain).

They play a softer, more inviting stoner, unafraid of inviting psychedelic elements to enter the fray, which creates a quite stunning atmosphere that I’m certain will fit nicely on stage this Saturday afternoon, as a contrast to Sunken‘s more hectic sound.

The vocals are cocky and somewhat confrontational, creating a counterpoint of sorts which gives the thing an overall sense of detached direction, which is quite refreshing.

Lewd Troves, by LEWD FLESH

from the album OP I RØVEN, DØ I SMERTE 7″

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The highly interesting Macedonian band Goli Deca play music that very much sounds like the cover of their debut album Mania – a rundown staircase going down, down into a not particularly welcoming unknown.

Musically, they invoke some of the same feelings in me that a band like Mirrors For Psychich Warfare does, only bleaker, placing themselves somewhere between outright drone and noise. Painting bleak landscapes of unforgiving depth, occupying the territory between the early releases from Swans and Laibach.

You have got 2 choices – you either join this journey – or you get run over by a slow-moving, relentless machine of noisy purpose.

I’m certain this will be a memorable show.

спиј / sleep, by ГОЛИ ДЕЦА / GOLI DECA

спиј / sleep by FUCK YOGA RECORDS, released 12 June 2017

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Pounding like a construction crew, Barabbas wears their metal on the sleeve with a nerve. Stuff like this was what got me hooked on metal almost 35 years ago, and it still works like a charm, when in such capable, caring hands as this French band.

In the traditional doom/stoner vein, somewhere between St. Vitus and Corossion Of Conformity, Barabbas puts their own signature on what they do, giving everything a distinctly heavier feel, and the shouted, angry vocals in French adds a dimension of its own.

Exciting fresh take on the genre.

Le sabbath dans la cathédrale, by BARABBAS

Le sabbath dans la cathédrale by BARABBAS, released 05 November 2014 This is Hell! My mind isn’t working well Lucifer! Tonight, your light guides my steps ready for it all, vital need to let the animal talk it’s the day of the crazy, it’s carnival Sabbath in the cathedral Holy beer!

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Playing a mean (in all senses of the word) round of doomed death metal, Grim Van Doom might be one of the faster bands on the line-up, but that doesn’t at all mean they won’t shake the very foundation of Ungdomshuset (and nearby surroundings)

They’ve found a great balance between heavyness and groove/melody, and with a vocalist who shows the world what Phil Anselmo would have sounded like if he had been really angry instead of just a little pissed, this band more or less embodies the whole concept of aggression.

Their set should be the perfect opportunity to get a good mosh-pit boiling!

Butchr, by Grim Van Doom

Butchr by Grim Van Doom, released 11 September 2015