So, let’s dive into the second part of the first day. Now that everyone and everything has been shaken very much to the foundation, it’s time to tear down the rest of the resistance and lay waste to everything. I gather no one will leave this first day with all their bones or organs arranged quite like when they came…

[thrive_headline_focus title=”Cities Of Mars (Sweden)” orientation=”left”]


Cities Of Mars got added to the lineup due to a cancellation, but they can easily stand their own ground.

Playing a psychedelic stoner-doom with some extra trimmings, slow and undulating. And the vocals actually (and interetingly) sends my thought in the direction of someone like Jane’s Addiction‘s Perry Farrell mixed with Dexter Holland from The Offspring. This gives the overall feel of the band a huge injection of freshness. And vocal harmonies that creep into my consciousness and attaches themselves with a solid bite, refusing to let go.

The psychedelic elements are almost early Floydish when they are given free reign, which gives everything a more organic feel than most bands in these sub-genres

A band that should have a promising future indeed.

Celestial Mistress, by Cities of Mars

Celestial Mistress by Cities of Mars, released 08 April 2016 Celestial Mistress Pt 1: Worlds collide Collapsing walls upon my grave – Life beyond confines Masonic prison broken free – signs at the end of times I am the shade of eons past- treading paths of blood Shedding ages of

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There is something decidedly primal about Horse Lattitudes. Both in their setup of drums and two basses (and on later releases a Moog too). But also in the way they approach their metal. Reminiscent of Hellhammer in the feel if not exactly musically this is immediate, dirty and ugly. And yet in passages with clean singing one catches a glimpse of what could be a beautiful world behind all the grief and suffering.

Slowly (as such things go with this band) their sound evolves over their releases into something of a more droney, dreamy character, ever revolving between moments of near beauty and moments of near despair. They appear fully intent on seeing what exactly they can achieve from their particular setup without submitting to any whims or trends of the surrounding world…

And with Primal Gnosis they have achieved what seems to be so far the (preliminary) zenith, an album that is so devastatingly harrowing and painfully beautiful there is an almost physical pain and pleasure involved in succumbing to it.

Hailstorm, by Horse Latitudes

from the album Horse Latitudes / Loinen split tape

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Iron Witch‘s punk-infused doom actually started by sending me on a trip down memory-lane, as their first demo at times sounded eerily like Neurosis around The Word As Law – which of course also means they had me on board from the get-go (that album was the beginning of an intense love affair with Neurosis, going on 26 years and still with no end in sight)

No confusion though, Iron Witch are a doom band first and foremost, and the line from early stalwarts like Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Trouble can be easily heard, also on their early releases. Given that, their whole punkish attitude make them sound decidedly less laid-back than the masters. There is both rebellion and dystopia in their sound, and the harsh, unforgiving vocals give everything a distinctly nihilistic fuck-everything-everywhere tinge, that is a nice welcome on top of the more common, depressive everything’s-fucked-everywhere approach of modern doom

The Cruelty Of Mankind, by Iron Witch

The Cruelty Of Mankind by Iron Witch, released 19 August 2011

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Discography – Grief:

Discography – Come To Grief:

A continuation of sorts of seminal Grief by founding member Terry Savastano – some of the harshest, most unrelenting, unapplogetic misanthropy to ever grace a recording or a stage is back and what’s not to like?

Ultra-heavy, dripping with venom and hatred, interjected with noise and feedback, and with vocals that makes Hellhammer-era Tom Warrior sound like he’s in la-la land,

I can’t think of music that better fits trudging off to work in the morning, knowing that there could be more to life than this – but also knowing that it’s beyond your grasp.

Grief set a high standard for nasty, angry, ugly sludge – and I for one am truly hoping Come To Grief will deliver on the promise.

Practically while writing this, the first Come To Grief EP became available at BandCamp – and I must say it’s a convincing release. It’s got all the signature Grief components, and one thing’s for certain – Savastano and co. have lost nothing of the dismal, depressive qualities over the years.

Depression, by GRIEF


[thrive_headline_focus title=”Demon Head (Denmark)” orientation=”left”]


Looking back at the rest of the Friday program, you might fear that Demon Head is put on too late to save our bodies – because it seems like a rollercoaster ride through hell, with most of the bands intent on ripping our souls (and our guts) completely apart.

And I’m quite certain that when the clock strikes 1:30 am, we’ll be more than ready for what Demon Head has to deliver.

Which is of course first class stoner-doom, heavy on the blues, heavy on the depression, and heavy on the occult underpinnings – perhaps with a touch of the better side of NWOBHM (like e.g. Satan). With vocals taking a page from the book of Morisson, and turning it into something befitting their own style.

And like for instance Black Moon Circle their take on retro seems as fresh as if it was created 45 years ago. A very fine way to end the day indeed.

Book Of Changes, by Demon Head

Book Of Changes by Demon Head, released 20 May 2015