Quite an eclectic offering for you this week… which is of course more or less what this site is all about – have fun :-)

Gorguts – Le Toit Du Monde

Before venturing out into the waters of the new Gorguts EP Pleiades’ Dust, I gave Colored Sands yet another spin. Which led to another, and another…

If you’ve got any kind of fondness for Luc Lemay and/or Gorguts, I’m betting you know what it was like. Gorguts draws you in, sends you for a trip through the wringer, pretends to spit you out, then sends you for repeated tours. Put quite simply – I can’t seem to get enough of Gorguts – so I guess you should have a taste too.


Anna Meredith – Nautilus

Anna Meredith‘s new album Varmints is an enticing mix of compositional music and electronic pop, and opener Nautilus really is a powerhouse of quasi-minimalistic electronica. In a way it reminds me of the emotional impact of Wellen by Einst├╝rzende Neubauten – with the exception that Nautilus is more or less one big crescendo.

And a fantastic video too!


Alaric – Wreckage

End Of Mirrors have made a few spins at my house during the last week or so, and it just keeps on growing. And it’s actually pretty hard to pick and choose between the album’s tracks – so after listening to Wreckage here, why not simply invest in the whole thing for yourself?


Corrections House – Last CIty Zero

I can’t seem to find a flaw in any of the 2 albums Corrections House has released so far – they are a super-group in all manners and aspects, creating music that exceeds the sum of the participants.

But if I have to pick one track, it would be the title track from their first album. This track so gets under the skin and burns and festers and irritates and stays for a long time after listening, with its contemporary dystopic view on a society where “disposal of the body is nine-tenths of the law”. Awe and shudder.


Weaves – Tick

I’ve also been listening to a bit of Weaves this week, and find their weird, disharmonic harmonies and genereal freaky compositions to be so far above what normally goes under the name of pop music, that it is decidedly spooky. File somewhere between endearing and wacked-out (taken from their upcoming album Weaves)