Time for the weekly playlist of tracks that made my week…

Callisto – Fugitive

Taken from the Finnish postrock/metal band’s 2006 album Noir, this track is a wonderful combination of soothingly emotive parts, and more abbrassive parts of metallic excellence. This is my favorite semi-hangover kind of music, with the perfect mix of soothing regret and simple pain.

Jambinai – They Keep Silence

I’m totally stoked about this South Korean band after listening to this single from their upcoming second album (as far as I can tell) Hermitage. With their blend of somewhat shoegazy noise rock and more all-out aggressive industrialized, metallic rock (with some psychedelic undertones added to the mix), they hit a nerve that far too seldom gets exposed – and that pain is almost blissful.

So, waiting impatiently for the release of Hermitage on June 17.

Church Of Misery – Murderfreak Blues

From the newly released album with the great title And Then There Were None… (featuring none other than Repulsion‘s Scott Carlson on vocals), this track is a truly great sludgy dirge of blues, comprising both a totally addictive groove, and some truly great guitar-work.


Rabid Flesh Eaters – Lycanthrope

It might be simply because my musical tastes are changing, but I find there’s getting longer and longer between death metal releases I find interesting.

The debut from Texas band Rabid Flesh Eaters has found its way to my burning heart though, partly because of its thrashy base, but also because of some great, demented solo-work. Music as this is why I got into metal in the first place all those many years ago.

Torgeir Waldemar – Sylvia (Southern People)

Second track released from Torgeir Waldemar‘s upcoming (and eagerly awaited by yours truly) second album. Where the first album (and previous track released Souls On A String) was definitely in Townes Van Zandt territory, this one nods its head more in the direction of Neil Young, both with regards to the reference to Young’s Southern Man, and both guitar-style and partly also vocals.

A strong commentary on the way Europe handles the refugee-situation (as far as I can tell) but also a more general “the more things change, the more they stay the same” lament, decrying the fact that humanity never seems to get any wiser, this track only raises my expectations for the forthcoming album.

Tau Cross – We Control The Fear

Seeing Tau Cross live at Roadburn was an immense pleasure – and this track is a personal favourite of mine – and seemed to go down very well with the rest of the crowd too :-)

We are Masters of division, we are Princes of deceit
You will learn to love your prison, too terrified to leave
Kneel before the King of Terror, let me whisper in your ear
Down here…we control the Fear

Major Parkinson – Pretty Eyes, Pretty Eyes

Oh wow! Last I heard me some Major Parkinson, they were a fine, somewhat eclectic band incorporating various styles into something that could be described as psychedelic vaudeville rock. Something must have happened at the good Major’s estate, as this single is a quite fantastic piece of garage-punk’n’roll – a track that practically screams for a slam-dancing mosh-pit.

Voivod – Warriors Of Ice

And let’s take a genuine classic to round things off for this week.

Voivod‘s debut War And Pain was a mainstay both at my place and at the parties I attended, from it’s release and actually quite a few years onwards. And it still sounds as fresh as it did then, with it’s crisp, punky sound and its complete disregard for conventions and genre-boundaries. Rock on!