I’m a great fan of anyone capable of turning out a cover version of a wellknown song, which actually brings another level of comprehension to the song.

Alas, most covers are simply quickly done mess-ups of the original – something the most non-sincere form of flattery, in my view – but every now and again, someone simply nails it.

And the biggest, most beautiful moments come, when the song in question has somewhat of an iconic status – the results can be quite sublime, given the new recording artist actually has something on their minds AND a sincere love of the original.

One of these sublime results can definitely be found in this rendition of Joy Division‘s immortal Love Will Tear Us Apart, by June Tabor & Oysterband.

So fragile it almost hurts listening to the track, it definitely lends a new, untapped dimension to a song that’s already multi-dimensional. I’ll not hesitate to call this a genuine example of musical bravery, well-executed, and hair-raising (in that good, small-hairs-on-the-arms-and-the-back-of-the-neck, kind of way).