Ghost of Christmas Present: Look upon these!
Ebenezer Scrooge: [stupefied with horror] What are they?
Ghost of Christmas Present: They are your children! They are the children of all who walk the earth unseen! Their names are Ignorance and Want! Beware of them, for upon their brow is written the word “doom”!

Such begins the first demo by Danish dirty doomsters Konvent, an exciting addition to the Danish doom scene – a scene that has always seemed like the somewhat forgotten stepchild, left to its own devices by the more illustrious, cooler kids of the scene.

Lately that fact has been changing a bit, with some choice new bands rearing their heads, bringing out some great stuff… and exactly at this moment in time, Konvent burst onto the scene.

In a way, how this demo makes me feel is somewhat eerily reminiscent of listening to those Hellhammer demos back in the first part of the 80’s, because the way Konvent approaches things seems pretty similar. Take something old and borrowed, then add a new, and black element in the form of an ugly abbrassiveness that hits the listener right where the heart was supposed to be.

On this 4-track demo, Konvent manage to strip doom to its bare necessities, leaving the music at its basest, most naked. And from this foundation they start their venture into the underworld of very grim and very dirty doom, adding on top of this a layer of completely unapologetic, raw, and frightening vocals, overlaying the doomy tracks with a sense of danger to an extent seldomly seen. And it is here the parallels to the grandfathers of extreme metal seems so obvious to me. There is a structural kinship in the way they deconstruct what came before and then turning around a making something forceful with the parts that are left.

The compositions on what might very well be one of the best demos I’ve heard for some time, show no interest or even intent to flaunt individual merits or even the songs themselves, instead letting the mere weight of the riffs and the bone-crunching execution overthrow any kind of resistance, becoming like a force of nature, unstoppable, unavoidable, and never looking back.

And on this foundation they seem able to further build in whatever direction they want to take their mighty hell-inducing machine. Something that becomes apparant when listening to demo-closer (and stand-out track) No End – a track that does indeed see the band veer in a slightly different direction, loaded with more emotional despair, without of course losing the minimalist approach that the band uses to such a great extent throughout the release.

Look, I’ve been known to err on occasion in these matters, but I have also hit the spot on a number of occassions when it comes to predicting what would later become very precious gems in extreme metal. And if I’m not mistaken, Konvent have the potential of becoming quite impactful in the future… time will tell – until then, getting hold of this exquisite batch of metal will have to suffice… for now.