“I first saw your face in the mirror
hanging on a window I was wallking by
you looked like someone who’d witnessed too much
to be able to escape with a smile”

These opening lines of first track Entangled In Pleasure by Kimi Kärki (ex-Reverend Bizarre, Lord Vicar etc.) points a pretty strong finger in the direction this album is taking.

Accompanied by arpeggiated guitar (and select acoustic instruments throughout the album) and the soothing sounds of female backing vocals, the haunting songs on this album seems to hover between intense searching for the miniscule crack in the stormy skies and utter despair. Musically somewhere between the more sombre moments (!) of someone like :Of The Wand And The Moon: and say, a young Leonard Cohen, Eye For An Eye is an album that in all its downplayed quiet invokes highly charged emotions. (And the one place Kärki chooses to stray from this, comes as nearly a shock, a reminder that outside of this, there’s a harsh, cruel world waiting for you)

Afterimages keep flashing by, invoking a walk in a quiet post-storm forest. In short, this album masterfully plays on emotions you would perhaps consciously have preferred stayed hidden beneath your mask – but when tricked out into the open… oh boy, it’s powerful.

“I still whisper in darkness
The air escaping me
Feeling sick and betrayed
In this moment of defeat
A new shadow is rising
But my vision is clear
And true”
from The Load We Carry

In a way, the real treasure in this kind of music – and specifically in this gem of an album – seems to be the way lyrics and themes are subconsciously absorbed by the mind while listening, fascilitating the lingering of both the music and the emotional impact for quite some time after the album itself has faded into silence.

Eye For An Eye is out on Svart Records