Haunted HorsesCold Medicine (EP) / out now on Void Assault Records

The thing that really keeps my focus with regards to this new EP by Seattle duo Haunted Horses can be summed up in one word: incohession.

Where most artists will more or less consciously strive towards some sort of cohesion when creating their artistic output, Haunted Horses seem intent on a much more destructive, disruptive, deconstructive approach.

In a way that seems to mimic the increasingly brutal and incomprehensible (and definitely reprehensible) lack of cohesion and empathy of modern post-industrial society, Haunted Horses paint bleak, dismal, partly abstract landscapes of pounding industrialized post-punk, using many of of the ordinarily used components of post-punk, like driving bass-rhythms, abrassive guitars, droney monotonous vocals, overlaid with more industrial sounds.

But, it’s the destructuralizing of their compositions that really sets them apart from their peers. The EP is filled with carpet-pulling moments and sheer insanity of trying to match things that don’t fit together.

Simply listen to opener Sixxie, starting off as a kind of droney dirge, then degenerating into noisefilled industrial only to end of in a whimper of relative ambience battling a deep mournful noise (all in 1 minute, 18 seconds), and you’ll either know what I mean – or dismiss my ramblings as those of a madman.

Well, it takes mad men to surgically open up the ribcage of society and prod around at the heart to try and ascertain how and why exactly it works as it does and why it hurst us so much.

The mad men of Haunted Horses have done just that – and Cold Medicine seems to be just what the packaging says. 9 minutes of a wake-up call, an insight into the beast that controls and runs us.

9 minutes, but it stays for so much longer. Excellent.