On the face of it, Foscor‘s new video for the title track of their 2014 albumĀ Those Horrors Wither uses a lot of well-known techniques… black/white, shadows, the jerkiness of timelapse, the speeding-up or slowing-down of playback-speed, candles in a forest, etc.

But it’s in what they actually do with those elements, using them to underline the overall theme and emotional tone of the track, emphasizing the rhythmic sense of the track, that makes this video stand out from most of what you can drag up on YouTube these days.

The video succeeds (at least in my view) in enhancing the experience of the song – somewhere in my mind there’s a little devil shouting that he’d have liked a bit more linear storytelling, but I’m not entirely sure that would have suited the track, as the video actually fits the non-linearity of the lyrics, so I let the devil shout and stick to my opinion :-)

Video credits:
Art Concept: Foscor & RFH Photography
Script, Photography & all recordings: RFH Photography
Starring: Irati Aguado & Logan A. Draco
Edited by: Falke
Music: Foscor