Well, if you had to pick one thing to go with your music, I bet quite a few would say “Beer” – and here at S-B-L Towers we feel exactly the same. Actually, we feel it so much, we’re willing to start a regular beericide, to get to the bottom of… all those wonderful kegs :-)

In fact, this is somewhat of an experiment – which in all its simplicity goes like this: Will it make any sense whatsoever, to try to match specific beers with specific kinds of music? Can you actually listen to a beer?

We’ll give it a shot – and continue doing so, as long as it makes sense – and I’m guessing it takes quite a number of specimens to have a significant sample-size, to finally decide if this is the case.

First up – since it is this season – a Danish christmas brew by the brewery Frejdahl, called Fimbul. Nice name for this first installment. It invokes both the Nordic spirit, and of course first and foremost: extreme cold!


Fimbul is organic and made from malt and flakes of wheat, with ginger and orangepeel.

First impressions: The smell is fruity with a strangeness which is probably due to the ginger. I had to look at the bottle to see if there was perhaps some cinnamon in there – but none whatsoever, must have been my nose playing tricks on me. Visually, the color is a nice, warm orange with some fine, delicious foam.


Taste: Very, very fine, somewhat dry taste, with a great aftertaste which is really enhanced by the ginger/orangepeel combintaion, which works to make this a really alternative christmas brew. There’s a distinct coldness to the taste, mixed with something incredibly complex and beautiful.

This one is not covered in sweetness and joy – like a lot of seasonal brews – but rather invites contemplation. Which is a much better fit with how I see this season.

Musically, this beer sounds like a journey of exploration, something complex, something unknown, but in the end quite beautiful. So what came to mind was Negurã Bungets maginificent track Tesarul De Lumini from the fantastic Om album.

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