“When you take the profit motive out of a situation, and when you take individual competition out of a situation, it’s possible for a different kind of investment to take place, based upon different kinds of deposits, if you like, a deposit that’s based around human relationships”

Nothing can exist in a vacuum – and the world does not turn into a better place on its own.

Tuesdays are for longer pieces. Documentaries, significant interview videos, great thoughtprovoking movies. Whatever we can get our filthy little hands on online, without breaking too many laws :-D

And the first one of these is definitely worth your time. An older documentary (from 1996) chronicling an exciting and profound part of the British rave movement of the 90’s: Luton’s Exodus.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit – I’ve seldom been first mover on significant stuff. I mean, I didn’t really get into black metal until the early 2010’s, and my view of rave-culture did get seriously polluted by Roskilde Festival trying to emulate this stuff in some horrendous events.

But we can all learn, right – and this doc is a truly great place to start, if rave culture baffles you. It’s also a great place to get a basic introduction to self-governance and base-level grassroots organizing.

Because what these people did back then was nothing short of spectacular. Building a community from the ground up, in the face of the surrounding society’s resistance, and the active disdain of authorities.

A rugged road it was – and as The Diggers’ Song plays on the soundtrack of the doc, it becomes abundantly, painfully clear, that nothing substantially at all has changed since 1649 on St. George’s Hill. The answer from society to the “problem” of people taking their lives into their own hands has always been lies, subterfuge and violence – and it still is…

Nonetheless, their example shows exactly what is possible to achieve when staying out of capitalist society and its powerplays and adherence to selfish isolation.

These people are true heroes and should be regarded as such – until that happens society literally has no chance of turning into anything viable with a future…