It’s Wednesday again, and after a short break for dabbling in Real Life, SBL is getting back into the swing of things again – which means time for the weekly getting-a-bit-on-the-cultural-or-intellectual-side-of-art (not that it gets boring – I do try to avoid boring :-) )

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a really nice documentary about Dario Argento, the master of Italian horror films. It’s more or less a homage to the great director, with only a few flickers of personal controversy – which is fine by me. The art of great artists seems mostly to be a lot more interesting and inspirational than how they choose to live their lives.

The thing that is so awe-inspiring about Argento‘s film is the way the atmosphere, what you could call the mental temperature of the movie, seems to be at the center-stage – more important than the actual story being told. Underlined by Argento‘s great choice in musical composers and his flair for good lighting and great shots, this atmosphere always lies just below the surface, and you can almost see it in the images – this makes his movies incredibly intense and soul-wrecking, almost claustrophobic, to watch (this goes for his earlier thriller works too, as well as his horror films).

So, enjoy this documentary – it’s well worth it as an introduction to Argento (should you not know him) as well as for those “oh, yeah, that was a great scene” moments.

As a bonus, I dug up a Youtube link for one of his movies – Phenomena, while not being his most visionary work, nicely shows his techniques and his flair for atmosphere, as well as being a good horror-flick. And the presence of both Iron Maiden and Motörhead in the soundtrack, well, that is nice! The quality is not that great, but it should give you enough to want to go out and buy the thing for yourself – so there…