[pullquote align=”right”]”We are Non
There is no more life to torture for love and hates sake
Shadows of the fall give over to winters solemn embrace” [/pullquote]

All to often music videos are uninspired and without any real ambition – a mere promotional tool with no artistic merit in and of itself.

Not so with this amazing 14 minute video for the first published track from Space Bong‘s new opus Deadwood To Worms.

Musically we’re firmly placed in the devastatingly misanthropic part of the sludgy-doom scene, the lyrics as dark, brooding and hopefree as the relentlessly driving, writhing music.

And as the video slowly unfolds, the very same (somehow liberating) hopelessness is multiplied by the combination of music and images.

And as the lyrics end: “Each in our darkened hovel / Too scared to face the light of day / Life is a drone”


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