The infernal machine that is Dopethrone roars on with this new release.

There’s something so completely satisfying about putting on a new Dopethrone album. For one thing, you know with full certainty that you’re going to be put devastatingly through the wringer and left bleeding and abused on the other side. And for another, the warm, FUZZy feelings soaring through your body and mind in the process are so refreshingly invigorating that it’s a complete pleasure. Talk about pain and pleasure mixing!

Dopethrone seems to give exactly zero fucks about anything but their music – and you can tell!

Perfect for starting a new week – then, afterwards, take one whenever needed.

Album is out now on Totem Cat Records. And like all their other albums, it’s available digitally at a very competitive NameYourPrice at the band’s Bandcamp page.



Totem Cat Records: