Look, I don’t know if you like abstract avantgarde experiments into improvisational electronic music or what-have-you – I actually don’t even care, because no matter what, I’m going to urge you to buy this album. Today. Like in right now!

Why – well, I’ll let the small German Sound Of Cobra label explain why:

The profits of the compilation, which will be sold through Bandcamp, will be entirely donated to a list of organisations which are active helping migrants and refugees, whether that means rescuing them from a catastrophic journey or getting them set up in their country of arrival and helping them start a new life.

The promise of arrival dies way too often on the shores of selfishness. This collection of music offers a helping hand.

Europe is not in a good place at the moment. Political tensions tearing up the very fabric of its core values, an internal economic crisis gnawing at the trust and relationship between its states, a populist drift which swept the continent like a cold wind, the ghosts of sadder days suddenly rearing their ugly heads.

At its borders, the situation doesn´t look any prettier: hundreds of thousands of human beings escaping from war, famine, persecution and fanaticism – looking not for the Promised Land but for some respite and a chance to lead a life with a somewhat sembiance of normality – or to keep on living altogether.

We all have seen the pictures, we have heard the numbers, we might have even had a chance to look into the faces of those who made it here. Many more did not, their journey ending at the bottom of the sea or against a chain-link fence at the border. In face of the blatant failure, or refusal, of many of the Western governments to properly deal with this crisis and in light of the massive wave of hate and violence with which so many of these persons were met once they arrived in our highly civilized countries, the situation calls for every decent European citizen to try and do a little more than staring at the TV screen and shaking their heads in disbelief.

All I can say is, I concur 100% with the message from Sound Of Cobra – and if ever there was a need for that BandCamp feature of adding something extra to the price paid, this should be it. Let’s create a small flood of money.

And after buying this – share the news, OK?

Oh, and by the way – the music on the album is delightfully weird, eclectic, and in a way a celebration of diversity in itself. Kinda fitting.